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1 UO Excelsior Shard 285 491

UO Excelsior Shard

Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface for ch


2 Sigena - German Ultima Online Freeshard 3 38

Sigena - German Ultima Online Freeshard

UO-Sigena hat seit 2003 vieles selber entwickelt, sei es die Map, die Monster KI, Klassen wie Hexer, Kleriker oder 4 Magierklassen. Jede Klasse hat ihre eigenen Specials, die das Spielen auf Sigena nicht langweilig machen und noch vieles mehr.


3 UO Phoenix 5 5

UO Phoenix

The way it should have been. The alternative path it would have been if not once OSI changed into a greedy machine. Become a part of UO history. Join today! A Roundtable Arts & EnigmaUO collaboration.


4 Welt Pergon 6 0

Welt Pergon

Polserver-basierter Shard. Ausgeweitetes Wirtschaftssystem, drei Magierichtungen, viele Handwerksberufe. Angepaßte Karte, selbst baubare Spielerhäuser. RP erwünscht, aber nicht Pflicht.


5 UO Dreams World 0 0

UO Dreams World

-Scripting and automation of gameplay processes are permitted with no restrictions. -Stat cap depending on your level (from 600 total to 1500 total) -Deeds for adding items properties (with no limits) -Up to 10 active windows per 1 IP are allowed. -Fu


6 Agartha Beepk 0 0

Agartha Beepk

Its an beepk Level shard. Not much words to say come in and try for sure you will have fun with costume npcs etc..


7 Terrata Homes - Estrella 3 0

Terrata Homes - Estrella

Ideally positioned off I-10, Estrella provides residents with opportunities for adventure and fun around every corner. Whether you are looking for top-rated schools, unbelievable resort-style amenities, or close proximity to all the major attractions tha


8 Requiem Roleplay 1 0

Requiem Roleplay

*RP ENFORCED in english* This server is brutal in its own way do not expect fast skill gain and easy PVE but it is really rewarding when you achieve your goal. Unique crafting system Rare and forbidden but powerful magic Custom map, really beauti


9 A K U O 0 0


SINCE 12.09.2021! New patch | Free using script | Skill Cap 700 | Stat Cap 225 | OSI | All classic content | PVM/PVP | Top admin | Fast leveling | IP: PORT: 2593 Come be first for free Discord: https://discord.gg/m999U


10 Ye Olde Sphere 0 0

Ye Olde Sphere

Ye Olde Sphere is an effort to wind back the clock and re-visit the 2000 – 2004 era while using the modern Sphere X emulator. Focused on accurate scripts for standard UO features, community, and longevity. Breathe life into an adventure with old friends


11 UO - Age of Britannia 1 0

UO - Age of Britannia

Playaob.ddns.net Port 2593 www.aobgames.com PVM, PVE, PVP, PK, RP, No skill cap, Skill difficulty progression, 350 Stat Cap, 2/6 Casting, Custom Content, Shard Custom Monsters, Custom Maps, New Quests, New Tameables, Anti Res Kill optional, 1 x skillball.


12 Home | UORavenMoon 2 0

Home | UORavenMoon

Raven Moon Reborn is a bit like the old Raven Moon in that it is a crafting shard. Here you can have 2 accounts and each account may have up to 3 houses. The skill cap is 8,500 or you can go to 120 in all skills with normal PS and use the rare PS's to ta


13 Beepk+apk shard 0 0

Beepk+apk shard

Its an beepk+apk mix shard no donate need it only playtime makes you stronger what we want is all players enjoy and have fun in equal way donate will never added.


14 Immortal Realms 0 0

Immortal Realms

Recent Time Of Legends Expansion with tons of custom content. Evos, Mercenary's, Squires. PVP in Felucca. PVM friendly. Tamer friendly .Crafter friendly. No skills cap all can reach 150 Via Power Scrolls further with skill bonuses, Stats Cap At 900 Raw


15 SanctumUO 2 0


Rebuilding from the ground up. WE are looking for staffers and players currently. New listing to reflect correct server uptime. Town Houses, Ample Resources to start, Guild Castles, Training Area, 450 stat cap, you can train all skills to 120, fast gains,


16 MU2 | Home 2 0

MU2 | Home

500 stat cap with unlimited skill gain. Custom drop system, Dungeons, Armors etc. to much to list. No PVP PVM only. no pay to play here & no fake accounts or bots. Adult Staffed w/o Trolling. there are freindly helpful players to point you in the right d


17 The Dark Tides 1 0

The Dark Tides

The Dark Tide is coming. Will you be ready? U.S. Based Server. Looking For Britannia? You wont find it here. Custom Server with custom client/patch. See our website for details.


18 Legends of Sosaria 0 0

Legends of Sosaria

There's not enough room to list what we have to offer. Why not visit our site and see what we have to offer. Download the Custom Client and play for free.


19 UOQuartz - Oldstyle Sphereserver Shard 1 0

UOQuartz - Oldstyle Sphereserver Shard

Running on Sphere, UOQuartz brings you PvP, PvM, Automated Events, all stats 150 at start, an old style combat style, old style spell timers, lots of craftables and customs. NPC AI fighting. Most skills rescripted. Tons of fun! Free account, join in! Disc


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