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The Grail Lords - Welcome

In The Grail Lords you take up your Grail Quest in a free text-based role-play browser game. Chat, trade, fight and play inside an active player community and develop your Character using a large variety of Skills and Items.

Totally agree with 'Tormentus's review, the game is an easy going friendly game which you can play every day whilst not taking up your whole life.

'A Player' has it wrong, the rewards for voting are minimal, the player base is loyal and long term, with new players joining all the time. If we didn't like the game we wouldn't be voting for it every day. I suspect 'A Player' just doesn't like The Grail Lords pushing one of his games down the league. :)
(15.09.2022, 209.93.224.--)
The only game I can play every day, every week, the whole year non-stop. It is very little time consuming, the community is just awesome and the developer is up-to-date with current bugs and problems, while also creating new content step by step. Game has years of content so you will never get bored, every day your stamina gets refilled so the action gets back after reset time, ready to invest, explore, move, commerce, etc.

Personally I recommend this game to every player who wants a browser game (accesible for all specs), with nice people to play with and slow-paced. You wont regret your choice!
(08.06.2022, 77.231.201.--)
A player
Most players don't like The Grail Lords.

That's why the Grail Lords has been going for about 15 years, and had a total of 237 players online yesterday (as of this review).

It gets a lot of votes on here because the game dev gives players in-game rewards each day for voting on sites like this. Most of the votes are done to get in game rewards, not because you will actually like the game.

Other games do the same thing. Don't trust the ratings, just keep looking until you find a game that you like.
(03.06.2022, 174.250.34.--)
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