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Text-Based Mafia Game - Free Online Multiplayer RPG | TheMafiaLife

TML Is a game created and ran by the community! In this text based mafia game, play a role in crafting the future of the game with a great staff and development team on hand! Frequent events and updates. Released 08/22/2021

I’ve been playing this game a while now. I find myself playing for hours, there’s no way you could be bored as there are many crimes and missions to do. The community on the game is by far the best compared to other games which I find is a great thing as they really make it fun. The admin is very active on the game so always new updates. Has so much potential, I’d recommend giving this game a shot if you’re looking for old skool gaming. If anyone joins the game use my referral code 307 and receive a welcome gift.
(17.06.2022, 86.182.149.--)
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