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Howl Of The Lycans - FREE TO PLAY MMO -

Join Howl Of The Lycans the free to play online lycan role playing game The full moon rises at the horizon and your blood starts to boil, your skin burns, you hunger for blood. You feel the beast in you wanting to come out to hunt. Surrender and join

I had reviewed earlier and gave it high marks, I am reviewing it again now, with much lower marks. The game has been overrun by a bunch of E-thugs who buy and pay their way through the admin and to the top. Admin has done little, if nothing, to add new features to the game and are on less and less, it appears. They claim to be doing work behind the scenes, but while this is going on, good people have been lost, and more are lost each day. I will be among the lost if I do not see a drastic change soon. Admins seem to be happy collecting the cash and letting these bullies run their game just as Nikita is on Immortal Night and Day. I was so happy to see something different, turns out, I may have been wins, it always does. Thumbs down for HOTL. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! If you're, not a bully or E-Thug, dont waste your time or money.
(21.01.2020, 24.63.0.--)
great game, great admins, and I have enjoyed watching it grow, and will continue to be a part of it. I can only assume the above bad review was from someone who didn't understand the game is in its infancy, and needs to stretch out, and grow. The admin is helpful towards EVERYONE and appreciates everyone. They are active all day, every day and always reply to emails. Its a refreshing change from other RPG immortal games and I highly recommend this game, and it has completely drawn me away from Immortday Day and its biased staff, rude owner, and all its infamous bullies. I only hope none of that finds its way to a non-corrupt and fair game. If they did, however, I am sure admin would put them in their place. A+++++
(12.11.2019, 24.63.0.--)
I'm loving it so far. Good game nice and clean friendly staff.
(03.11.2019, 5.62.63.--)
Not recommended. Game is very generic. No way of leveling other than to hit same players over and over. Admin not friendly and help donators only. No way to communicate within packs (gangs/clans), other than individual mail message. Basically looks like a place developed for RP.
(18.10.2019, 76.181.93.--)
Great game, the owners are good people who respond well to the players and seem to take suggestions and comments to mind and even implement some.

Look forward to seeing this game grow
(11.10.2019, 68.0.232.--)
Way better than most I've played, its new but the people in charge actually take players into consideration, no favoritism and they take players being crappy to other seriously. Also the people in chsrge sre nice and answer all emails with issues as quickly as possible. Other sites ive been on, like immortal night, will ban you if you complain or complain against players they life. Want a place you can spend money and fairly play without issues?? And not have Admin treat you like crap. Join this app. Its new but already different than most games!!
(06.10.2019, 98.114.253.--)
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