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Howl Of The Lycans - FREE TO PLAY MMO -

Join Howl Of The Lycans the free to play online lycan role playing game The full moon rises at the horizon and your blood starts to boil, your skin burns, you hunger for blood. You feel the beast in you wanting to come out to hunt. Surrender and join

Great game, the owners are good people who respond well to the players and seem to take suggestions and comments to mind and even implement some.

Look forward to seeing this game grow
(11.10.2019, 68.0.232.--)
Way better than most I've played, its new but the people in charge actually take players into consideration, no favoritism and they take players being crappy to other seriously. Also the people in chsrge sre nice and answer all emails with issues as quickly as possible. Other sites ive been on, like immortal night, will ban you if you complain or complain against players they life. Want a place you can spend money and fairly play without issues?? And not have Admin treat you like crap. Join this app. Its new but already different than most games!!
(06.10.2019, 98.114.253.--)
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