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Deadly Desires

Everyone sins, after all there are so many sins and let’s be honest they are the most fun. Do what you can to make a few bucks, whether you’re robbing someone blind or providing someone with a happy ending all will help you rake in the cash and get yo

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Lafin Myazzoff
Luke: "It’s worth noting that this player was NoT banned until just now, when she proved she is going to be just as much as a negative influence as he was. Well done."

Yes well done. We have all been saying you are a egotistical power crazed Man-child who acts on impulse and is the worse thing any game could have handling player issues. Bravo you made our point for us so well I cant think of anything to beat it. YES you really did wipe a player out completely because you are the monster we all said you are. Thanks for warning anyone thinking about joining your game what they could have done to them.

AdrianaVixen: "Even idiot like Ghost would see our IP is in 2 different states lol"
No hes the king of the idiots. any average idiot could see the similar writing styles. Forrest Gump would say, hey those 2 IPs are one number off. The mad king Luke the impulsive didnt notice.

Let that sink in. when you first made an ass out of yourself locking that lady out of stuff till she begged you the others running things should have done more thanput you in the doghouse you should have been locked in a closet with your system to do the job you can do and let level headed people who know how to act in public and how to treat people like they would like to be treated run things there.

So ill leave it here. I cant imagine you can do anything more self destructive to the game than you have but by all means surprise us. We all have laughed all day at how we are so much happier without it
(11.10.2019, 172.58.83.--)
Here something that Ghost need to realize i am not Morningstar. I was on the game way before i meet him. Even idiot like Ghost would see our IP is in 2 different states lol. Sorry he not smart enough. Well for him getting new people from me. Just went down the tube.
I wouldn't play Deadly Desire because you have a idiot for the admn. He even have mutli in his game and he doesn't care.
(10.10.2019, 162.253.172.--)
I’d also like the thank AdriannaVixen, HauntsU’s “special” right hand women, for leaving her thought under the original name of DDSucks. Did HauntsU need to tell you how to spell that?

It’s worth noting that this player was NoT banned until just now, when she proved she is going to be just as much as a negative influence as he was. Well done.

As she has kindly pointed out, she was also making accusations about players at her game husbands say so (HauntsU) and was constantly mailing and trying to get players banned. Mainly the ones she had listed. Under old ownership she was a member of staff - seems she forgot she was removed.

I don’t allow players to staff my system because I am fully capable myself. I feel the the games where this special specimen has been allowed to be staff.
(10.10.2019, 213.205.192.--)
Luke is a fool he banned me for being in Morningstar's gang on another site lmao. He's the creepy stalker. This is all about 2 nuts banned everywhere else for using multiple and causing drama. They go by many names but here's a few well known ones.
Mistress Chaos

Luke is losing it everyone sees it. He put up a 3 page rant about how nobody should any attention to Morningstar, 3 pages. It ends like all his do with his signature "don't like it leave"
Good advice, we are.
(10.10.2019, 172.58.83.--)
As the game owner, I can confirm the previous comment to be incorrect.

HauntsU, otherwise known as Travis, is a narcissist stalker who follows women around games, causing unnecessary drama and conflict as he goes.

After multiple claims of him following women around games and being abusive, in both actions and words, I made the call to keep my users safe and remove this deviant from the game.

As a result, I was issues multiple threats which included leaving bad reviews (here we are), reporting the game for various things, as well as stating he would personally bring charged for made up claims.

This only further validated my point for terminating his account because he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, with borderline psychotic episodes, I think.
(10.10.2019, 85.255.233.--)
Terrible place ran by someone who acts like they are 3. The original owner vanished one day and the coder took over Hmmm thats not suspicious.
The real thing you should worry about is they are all about how they are a free game no donations. Its because they farm and sell your info. Think about that when you are writing a mail
(10.10.2019, 172.58.84.--)
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