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Deadly Desires

Everyone sins, after all there are so many sins and let’s be honest they are the most fun. Do what you can to make a few bucks, whether you’re robbing someone blind or providing someone with a happy ending all will help you rake in the cash and get yo

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Admin is mainly absent. Rarely on. Bans certain ppl n not others who should be. The games enjoyment has decreased since he took over. It's ridiculously boring since GG shut it down. Admin also doesn't answer emails when u get fedded n u get NO notification once so ever that ur banned until u try logging in. GG made the site fun, n easy n ppl got along for the most part. New, fun things to do specially during the holidays. BRING GG BACK!
(05.01.2023, 174.247.209.--)
In the meantime its still a crap game, the "owner" (horse thief) still spends more time in other games trying to rip off their ideas LOLZ - Quoted from DDisshite

I find this interesting because I was told by MsDemeanor on another game that she was at the other game to bring ideas to her owner friend at Deadly Desires.
(21.12.2022, 50.120.11.--)
Max Stone, also known online as Kane (Found on SC etc), is a narcissistic woman abuser who was banned for inappropriate conduct with another player.
(26.05.2021, 31.171.152.--)
Cerulean, AKA Samuel, is the owner of another game - flight of dragons - so had a far from impartial view.
(26.05.2021, 82.7.218.--)
Owner is a piece of shit that uses the game as his own playground to find a woman he wants to get with in RL. Takes personal vendettas to a petty level and is just all around an asshole. Game could be good otherwise.
(05.04.2021, 173.80.154.--)
Max Stone
a panel of impartial non-gaming members should decide upon whos not adhering to the game rules instead of the game owner.

harrassment comes in many forms and ive encountered a form of harrassment from a staff member over quotes posted on my page by another player cuz they used them for their own to post on others pages...and told to not mail them bout anything unless its game related when saying the quotes were for public use when they mailed you in the first place.

yet you talk to another player bout somethin similar and they (that player) goes to game owner and you (the one talkin bout it) are considered harrassing them....isnt the above the same}

the game owner should gather all facts from all sides before jumping the gun
(20.03.2021, 108.80.254.--)
Travis the deluded. That should be you.

Banned where exactly? Lol. I think some heads need cotton wool stuffing in them.

Since my previous review the game has had a major overhaul and is still ongoing. It's becoming much more than I had thought at first.

So deluded stalkers aside. Thank you Luke. Good work so far!
(25.01.2020, 149.254.184.--)
Mistakes happen, thats why pencils have erasers.

If I could id erase every pst here. Lets face it unless you are a game owner, a staff or you got a thing for a game owner nobody cares whats wrote on any of these. OK some guy isolated in a weather station on the South Pole might have no other way to decide on one to play and the time on his hands to care about what could be a monkey with a dozen astroturf buttons to hit.

Some people cause Chaos everywhere they go and they get around because they get locked up for it but like a bad penny coe back again and again.

If I may like Jerry Springer offer a final thought to a page that nobody will ever use to decide if they will play there or not.

Never argue with a idiot they bring you down and beat you with their experience. The Chaos twins. Not worth the time I see spent here.

"GG was no sweetheart" Yes she was. the 2 we usually refer to as dumb and dumber are the only 2 who would not think so. Chaos theory says id vanish and never be seen again hopefully being as happy and care free as any regular kinda quiet player.

Im up tonight because sometimes I dont take a moment and look before I leap. Sometimes I have the patience of a tea kettle. If life had erasers we all could rub away things we did in anger and regreted. When you are someone who has the fun of being a player but the responsibility of having what you do reflect on how everyone there is seen sometimes you really want that eraser. If you are still here reading, try every game on this site at least once. Go easy on sometimes stressed out admin and volunteer staff, none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and we dont have that magic eraser.

Goodbye, you can find me where I am but I wont be here anymore. The 2 idiots almost had me to the clueless agent of Chaos level.
(25.11.2019, 172.58.83.--)
That would be Rowan, Mistress Chaos, Cleo, Jessie, Etc, Etc you all know her shes banned everywhere else. She causes drama anywhere she goes. In reality she lives in a nut house without anything better to do with whats left of her life. She even pretended to die. We can only hope one day its for real.
In the meantime its still a crap game, the "owner" (horse thief) still spends more time in other games trying to rip off their ideas LOLZ
(20.11.2019, 172.58.84.--)
All the bullshit below coming from a man who admitted to me himself he abused staff privileges on this very game to stalk and harass a girl into leaving! Too funny.

My IP is unique to my account thank you and GG was no sweetheart ranting and taking down the site twice!!

I am not exactly enamoured particularly with the admin. But the game is shaping up nicely now the drama and psychotic episodes in chat have finished. They ended when Morningstar and his game wife (seeing a connection for the poor dears bad review now?) AdrianaVixen left actually :)
(28.10.2019, 213.205.242.--)
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