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New SC

Are you a sexual person? Do you like MMORPG? Then we are the place for you! Come join Seduction City where your darkest desires become reality. Do you want to be the best in the game then head to the bedroom to improve your those skills. Oh, your a social

This game is better than the last SC but beware there is a player named Nurse Kitty [42] who is racist and blocks you for no reason even though you did nothing to them and have never spoke, Nurse Kitty [42] and her Bordello are selfish Racist pricks, especially her, you have been Warned!
(15.01.2024, 174.177.37.--)
This game is growing. Upgrades are consistent. New features are constantly being added. The owner is attentive to the game, yet does not meddle in the game play of the players. The staff are also players so they are well versed in the game play and can answer any game questions. There are events for the bordellos and events for the single player. This is the type of game where you can work with a group in a bordello or go it alone. Features that you pay for can also be found buy simple game play, or through the player markets.
(27.12.2022, 172.77.16.--)
for all the people who keep insisting the site owner doesn't give out free stuff, do you think they would admit they got the free stuff? the owner gives out free stuff to all the girls who are willing to be his online sex slave, don't waste your money here
(17.02.2020, 213.202.163.--)
This place gets better! There are now not just individual events but group events to promote the bordellos! Great job by staff and I have now figured out that the Rachel chick is either the owner or staff at the "rival" if you call it enough to compete site RnR. Lol.

This site is growing and there are new players joining each day enriching the player base! Go SC! This is how it should be. And how Sassy/Violet wishes it could be ;)

I found the staff to be extremely fair and not at all favouring any party in disputes! Unlike other sites! Recommended and stick with it as Jason is making new changes and new stuff daily.
(16.08.2019, 213.205.242.--)
Aww Rachel is either butthurt shes not a friend of the owner or upset she cant compete. Lol.
This site doesn't give out anything that isn't open to anyone willing to earn it by entering the events etc. Stats are earned not given free by staff to pets and certainly not a pet to win game.
I love it.
(19.07.2019, 213.205.241.--)
This game is just a spin off if the old game Mos still gives out to his favorites you wont find that much of a difference mud sticks and the crap that went off in the old sc followed and ha now become a bitch fest.Fools and ther money play here.
(18.07.2019, 5.65.8.--)
A new version of a good game, plenty to do and competitions with awesome ways to earn donor goods. Owner is attentive and drama is dealt with swiftly. A great game vastly improved!!
(18.07.2019, 213.205.192.--)
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