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Ruin and Revenge

RUIN and some REVENGE.In order to make your way to the desired city, you must commit crimes, and fight your way to the top. Earn the respect of local babes, Gaining money to fulfill your lavish lifestyle, Relive your dream of becoming a serious businessma

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A very nice community that is growing, with many things to do. It's rather easy to progress here, and many people to get to know. There really is a sense of community here.
(29.04.2021, 208.114.92.--)
Yeah Titus is that why you are life ban from the game you were praising before getting staff here? Kinda invalidated your point really.

At what point does talking like a pirate make this game better? It doesn't. Further proof a chat room is all it is. Lmao

Whatever mister. You are a pathetic little thing at best xD I am majorly amused

I find it amazing nobody else but staff and ass kissers like the game. Til Violet has another tantrum and kicks your ass off as you got booted from staff at DD for using powers to stalk right Titus?
(11.10.2019, 213.205.242.--)
Titus andronicus
Great game, lots to do and depth to the building/property part opens up a whole new part of it. Regular events like recent week long celebration of "Talk Like a Pirate Day".
Ever evolving and growing its a great time to try it out or if you havent checked in for a while see everything thats new.

For the comments below everyone knows on every game there is that one player commenting from ban jail? There they are, follow the rules dont make multis you will be fine.
(21.09.2019, 172.58.86.--)
Not Jessie and everyone knows you are the owners bitchboy CJ. So try again. I spoken to at least four dissatisfied players all saying the top players are all in her pocket or staff/ ex staff. Explain that one fuck boy? Lmao it's a cyber cafe with stat gains for favourites and fed time for those who dare to speak out against the owner who calls it disrespectful to tell the world what is really going on! Then she gets her little fuck boy CJ to post here. Aaaaw you going to find another sap to cry on when she fucks you over again??? Lmao you are pathetic lie this site and its owner.... She then goes to other sites to steal her ideas and code so please. She's as transparent as water. Maybe she will make another multi to harass people at the games that are truly decent???
(07.09.2019, 213.205.242.--)
Jessie because you have been fedded for creating drama and dis respect to staff and players stop. Creating. All these bad reviews everyone knows that there is no such things going on here this gameis fun and blast and it is getting better all the time. Its sad to think you cant stop stocking hood and i. And have to bash a great game like this. Keep up the amazing job violet dont let this one classless peron from keeping you from creating a awesome game for everyone. To enjoy
(19.08.2019, 108.64.112.--)
CJ we all know you are up violets arse!! She's prolly bribes you lol. Anyhow I know that it's a hook up and chat room glorified by a coder who does try bless ya Yoda!! And also that violet has been caught out in several backstabbing lies and drama inciting little schedule!es to get rid of players she did not like. So yeah if you like favouritism and drama by all means go play here. CJ aka spent is prolly on the hunt for a wifey or maybe hood lolz. This game is a desperate attempt to middle finger Seduction City after the owner got her arse banned there. Too funny that some people but into her bullshit!!!
(16.08.2019, 213.205.242.--)

this game is totally fun and addictive and everyday go,s by there doing new and better things to improve it and they're right on top of all multi-players keeps the riffraff,s out keep up the amazing job R&R
(31.07.2019, 108.64.112.--)
Lol how many of these good reviews are from ass kissers and cyber studs? All I am betting. I have yet to speak to any who do not think this games anything more than a sex site and chat room where they go to try and hook up. It's that simple. Lol.
Admin have favourites and they are given stats and more and that isn't really fair play. There are better coded and better run games out there... IE the one she ripped off to begin with after being banned from there. Seduction City!
(28.07.2019, 82.47.75.--)
I forgot to mention the competitions
The prizes are fabulous
(22.07.2019, 66.103.33.--)
This game is full of things to do the staff are really helpful.They are always coming up with something new.This is the game by far mafia and sex you can play.Relitively new with a growing community.I love it great job guys.
(20.07.2019, 5.65.8.--)
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