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TrueMMO is a brand new MMO Text base game released 18/12/2018! Sign up now and email ID 1 with the message "DeezNuts" and get a little extra something ;)

The game is owned by Michael braden, a quick Whois check reveals the location of registerant as Swindon (mikes home town).

The emails sent out still contain yobcity links , one of his old games .
He has owned at least 12 games in less than a few years and as soon as the donations slow he closes down waits a few weeks and opens another , over and over

Enjoy it whilst it lasts
(17.03.2019, 85.255.236.--)
Blondie is Old and Fat -Catfish
Yep well known scammer with a bunch of morons giving him money.
Oh and Blondie/Cricket whatever her name is is a catfish, don't be fooled.
(15.02.2019, 24.208.240.--)
I agree with both posts above, bunch of drama where the staff doesn't interfere to stop they let it ride on and on and on. All the owner cares about is the money and nothing else.
(14.02.2019, 97.86.194.--)
this game with new name fucking crazy aka crazy aka krampus owns the games its a crash grab game, anotherasylum made 4k in cash and he let it fail after 4 months, it will happen to this game also do not spend real money on this game.
(09.02.2019, 73.109.58.--)
Stay away. Stay very far away. The own is a known scammer and will only keep the game open long enough for people to get hyped up and spend before he closes it again. He has done this time and time again with numerous games.
(20.12.2018, 108.167.101.--)
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