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Sinful Temptations

Everyone sins, after all there are so many sins and let’s be honest they are the most fun. Do what you can to make a few bucks, whether you’re robbing someone blind or providing someone with a happy ending all will help you rake in the cash and get you ou

Love it! The game and the people are awesome.
(26.03.2019, 174.208.8.--)
This was a reasonable game at first but soon became evident that it is simply a rip off of earlier similar games. It quickly became apparent too that a certain group of players were admin ass kissers. The second they decide they dont like you, you get accused of being someone you arent and banned with no evidence, when questioning this I was told that they did not NEED PROOF!!
What a joke and dont bother is my advice!
(11.12.2018, 86.3.121.--)
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