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Debauched City

A filthy city full of depravity and debauchery ... Will you get your hands dirty to make it to the top ?

This game was shut down, yesterday. To be reset. Buyer beware. Less than a year old. Cash grab game? Play this game. Do not use the same password, anywhere else.
(16.03.2019, 199.249.230.--)
Great game, great admin. Always fun & entertaining players. The game is constantly getting better and player feedback is always appreciated. If you like a challenging, strategic mafia game, give this one a try.
(21.02.2019, 71.178.128.--)
Toxic V
Ive played this game for a few months now and I love it.
The admins have gone and will go out of there way to help you.
There hard on cheaters and I like that.
(21.12.2018, 202.154.149.--)
Awesome game. Great community of players from around the world. Come check us out. :)

Don't listen to the bs below from peeps who admin had to deal with. Yes, admin are actually active in the game. Lord forbid. ha ha Come check us out for yourself. You'll be glad you did. ;)
(29.09.2018, 198.91.214.--)
A Giant Fist
Top of the line game for its genre. Always growing and contrqry to the firet few (fake) reviews I never have an issue with lag.

Played Codez's games over the years and rhey always impress with how smooth they run.
(23.08.2018, 12.139.119.--)
So, here we have all the comments to the post that Comm and/or his friends conveniently left out of the print screen they posted in the first review post. The screen shots I have posted in this post show the players support and agreement this needed to be said. Comm is the second commentor...notice the line through his name? Banned so because he can't be disruptive in our game anymore he comes here.

Oh, by the way Debauched City has a Copyright clearly stated on it - you should consider that as I certainly am. ;)
(07.08.2018, 24.208.240.--)
I quit last weekend after trying the game for a few weeks... Bad layout, pathetic chatroom and really bad lag were factors,, but the admin who calls himself Codez was the main reason... That guy would wig out, cuss at players who had different opinions, he made the game a hostile environment for the wrong reasons
(07.08.2018, 37.233.103.--)
Mafia Wars rip off, i think they even stole the template for it, i can live with that, i i cant live with a paranoid admin who wont fix the lag or ban his buddies who are using a macro, yesterday admin was begging everyone to write a review and bribs them daily for voting, pathetic
(07.08.2018, 217.182.78.--)
I have rated 3 games a 2, 2 games a 3 but never a 1 until i tried this game... The SS from Harvey really says it all, the admin is either tryin to quit smoking or is just flat out bi-polar, they never did anything to me, but im not chatty in the b/c, but i did notice anytime someone voiced a concern the admin and his eyes, ears and conscience would do their best to humiliate them, just glad i didnt spend
(07.08.2018, 185.220.101.--)
(07.08.2018, 35.0.127.--)
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