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Empire Warzone

Empire Warzone is a Mafia-themed Browser Game with a Modern Twist. This is not your cookie-cutter Mafia game! The path to conquering the Empire is laid out before you! Run your own Drug Farm! Commit Crimes, Complete Missions for points, experience, and ca

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I started playing EWZ and really enjoying it.
I have seen bad reviews and that just makes me as a player want to see what is up. I was pleasently surprised
EWZ is worth checking out.
I highly reccomend Empire War Zone it is a Mafia based game that has much potential.
You can do missions and ops. There are specific style missions for those that like to do crimes or just do kill runs.
It also has a weekly war zone competition as well as hourly competitions.
The owner/operator and staff are very hands on and at the top of their game in helping you navigate the game.
Players are fun in the game chat. You can be good or even better you can be bad.
It has special features within the game as well. I have played this type of game for years and never have I come across one that has a link for an internet discord radio station.
Music to play by. It is a good time.
The game is easy to navigate and is fun to play.
(21.10.2021, 97.114.118.--)
The owner of this game is corrupt.

Paypal agreed and forced him to reimburse me for donations I foolishly made to this game.

Pool dude is part of staff and is just as bad for looking the other way. 'She' has had far too much of the tainted Kool-Aid this man serves up and should be warning warning people like her neighbors over there in WY instead of backing someone who is abusive and corrupt.
(21.10.2021, 172.58.169.--)
Pool dude
Great game so far. I see the same person posting sour reviews, but it made me check it out. I havnt seen what is being said about the game, I havnt been scammed , but I will say I like playing. This is different then other games I play and I will be staying. I like this brawling area, it is cool and slick. Peace out all!
(21.10.2021, 98.127.49.--)

Nuker is a thief and a scammer.

He stole from his equal partner and locked him out of his business by gaining illegal access via a back door into the data base.

Shame on you Rainman aka Gorilla aka Focus Pocus aka Toad too? I would have never imagined that someone who claims to be such a decent person would join in the scam parade and back a man who is a cheat and a liar. Someone looking down would be very disappointed.
(19.10.2021, 73.27.125.--)
Came across EWZ and glad I did! Game keeps me busy, lots to do here. It has a simple design and easy to get around. Players are helpful and staff not all up in your bizness. I like the competition and ways to earn game currency and points. Really like the drug farms! Crazy way to make a lot of points to train. I'll be playing more I think. Lots to explore and learn.
(19.10.2021, 98.127.49.--)
So many different things to do so you never get bored. Graphics are great and not overdone. It's a very addictive game. Music is great can listen while your grinding the game Country-Time-Radio and IE-Radio.
EWzz is a Mafia Themed Browser Game with a modern twist. This isn't your typical game. The path to conquering The Empire is laid out and easy to play. You can set your own pace on resets. They are constantly adding as well as upgrading features that give you more bang and points. There are games within the game such as profile contests and trivia to give players a chance to socialize and also get prizes. The Admin is quick to be hands on and accessible as is the staff. Stop by and check us out.
(18.10.2021, 98.127.49.--)

The owner, Nuker, is a thief and scammer.

He stole this game twice.

He's now begging and rewarding his minions like Stella aka Love to post good reviews. Nuker called her a mooch which makes sense because she hasn't posted a review since 2019 but if she's getting something, she's all in.
(18.10.2021, 73.27.125.--)
I like playing this mafia game. Everyone was very helpful and got me the information I needed. I learned how to crime with a crime pill and used points to level up. I tried my hand at the Brawling arena, that was so much fun. I could even refill my energy automatically with points. That sure made it easier than medding out all the time! I tried the kills mission next. Pretty slick and it didn't take me a lot of time. The game is simple to play... players are cool and staff has been nice and very helpful. I like the way this is layed out and the pics and graphics are easy on the eyes. Overall, it's a good way to spend some time. Oh! I saw they had two radio stations you can listen to in discord.. that's a bonus. I can chill and rock out at the same time I am playing. Super cool!!
(17.10.2021, 97.114.118.--)

The owner is a thief and scammer.

He is begging and rewarding people to leave good reviews like the person from Bulgaria who says he was a little reserved after reading some of the negative reviews. He was a player BEFORE the negative reviews were posted.

Stella hasn't posted any reviews in years but started when Nuker begged and offered rewards to those who leave good reviews.

MrS C quit playing after calling Nuker a bully. Weak minded people will do/say just about anything if they get paid to do it.
(17.10.2021, 73.27.125.--)
Master Bates
Wow, great game! I was a little reserved when I saw a couple of negative reviews, I'm happy to say I haven't seen any of the complaints so far.
The players seem nice and appear to be very helpful
The staff are friendly and very quick to reply to any questions which is great!
I really like the Warzone/weekly competition, I can see this being pretty fun to compete in.
I have found alot of these games that don't warrant the bad reviews they get, alot are just people that don't get their own way. Im glad I didn't just take things as fact, this game is awesome! All in all I'm giving this a 9 out of 10, great job!
(17.10.2021, 212.50.94.--)
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