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Mafia Connection is a brand new mafia browser based game. Currently having around 100 awesome players and around 50 are active everyday! Constantly being updated and suggestions on new features are always accepted and looked into. Join in on new features

Owner is a scam artist. Trades within community are banned and he has removed Donation system as well as ban several players for having an opinion. Constantly let's his players know their opinions don't matter and if you speak up, He will ban you. The site is lag infested and a lot of features not working right and OBVIOUS Multi/Feeder accounts are allowed. Not a friendly community. Owner values ONE gang and will do EVERYTHING is his power to make sure that one gang stays on top of everyone else. Has thrown fits and blames his players for cancelling DXP events, Sales, Server Wars, ETC. Script for game is one of the best around but is run by a worse owner. HIGHLY recommend steering clear of this site as it is rigged and is a complete scam and waste of time. SIGN UP AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
(01.06.2020, 68.205.93.--)
new game,up and coming with active players and an active admin
(07.05.2020, 82.12.237.--)
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