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Mobs Law

Mobs Law is a !FREE! Text-based, Browser-based mobster and gangster game online. As one of the premier text-based games online, you will find yourself in a world mobsters, gangsters, pimps, thieves, and assassins trying to survive and make a name for your

Erik Sheets
I too was an "original" player , but I came in late to that party, it was still a blast! Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a proven game that restarted , come join us and build your empire!!!!!!
(13.09.2019, 207.230.130.--)
Laurie Grove
I played this game the first time around.It ran for about 7 years. It's young right now but fun as heck and it's a good time to get started! It has a new owner that is very dedicated to enhancing the game. There are quite a few return players that are very willing to help you get started so you can succeed! I'm addicted!!
(30.04.2019, 174.21.96.--)
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