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A True Old School Mafia Game Kill Steal Mug your way to the top, One of the very few old school mafia games, Very Easy to play and become a top player very easy, Missions with big payouts and a very friendly community, Have you got what it takes?

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this site is not owned by scumbag Braiden dumbfuck pussy, u just a mad lil bish cause i prolly handed u ur ass ahahahahaha
(03.01.2018, 173.134.29.--)
This site is not owned by michael braiden like the below comment says somebody completely different the owner of this site also owns mafiathug, genuine owner with genuine players dont listen to the jealous people!
(01.10.2017, 86.178.60.--)
The game is run by a bunch of sniveling little thieves in Britain. Essentially they will ensure that you never reach the top, they will always have a protagonist character that will provoke top players in order to get them to spend more money. They are nothing but a scam feeding their drug addictions. Look up Michael Braiden on facebook and you'll see the junkie of a human being that is the mastermind behind this game. Goodluck to those who play... let your money go to some losers. Ask anyone who use to play what happened. Quite funny actually.
(28.09.2017, 23.122.114.--)
I've played many mafia games and this one is the worse. It routinely gets hacked resulting in them re-setting the game to an earlier time. There is a coding problem that causes a frustrating lag. Due to lack of active players, the owner sent emails to previously banned players and several of the cheaters returned. Don't waste your time with this game.
(03.08.2017, 198.74.31.--)
it matters
Somebody is jealous below me owner does everything he can for players and is always up for ideas and suggestions overall great game!
(24.04.2017, 31.54.112.--)
doesnt matter
the owner does not care about his members the updates are what he wants not what the members want
(21.04.2017, 73.39.139.--)
I am a veteran of this type of game, and I must say I like this one a lot. Good player base, lots of action, and enough missions to keep you busy and to raise points and money. It's easy for a new player to rise through the ranks. The staff is fair, creative and open to player suggestions. Give this game a try. You won't be disappointed.
(18.01.2017, 170.94.82.--)
I am a new player to these types of games, have only been playing them in total..about 45 days. I keep hearing people say that if you don't donate you don't matter or you get treated different from those who that is not true. I have never been able to donate and from day one the: Admin and his right hand man: Coder have always treated me the same as those who have. Also, unlike other games, here the Admin or Coder are around to take care of a problem or answer questions all you have to do is drop them a message or just look in the chat room, half the time you will find them there shooting the breeze with all the players on at the time. Now on to the fun...This Game Is FUN!:) you have to come try it for sure. Only took me (literally) a minute to make an account and i have been having a blast! Another thing that makes this game awesome is the people, it is a great group just out to have fun and play a game and most on here have been playing these types of games for 10+ years. I didn't really know much when i started playing and instead of people taking advantage of that..they helped me out, unlike other games where it seems everyone is out for themselves. So if you read this i hope you understood one thing
Game+Admin+Coder+Other Players= A freakin awesome time!
Seriously though, don't take my word for it, make an account and play you won't regret it.
(28.12.2016, 135.26.190.--)
An anon spider ;)
Great game with active and friendly staff (Admin and Coder) Plenty of missions,prompt fixes and updates. Fun to play give it a try.
(28.12.2016, 92.20.169.--)
A good game with an Admin that keeps updated.
Thanks Slick enjoying the game.
Scale of 1 - 10... 10 easily.
(28.12.2016, 174.125.170.--)
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