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Real Time
I want to like this game and I think I could but The admin allow some really shady shit like Plug ins that allow some players advantages. They also allowed one player to post the name, phone number, and address of one of the other players. I dont think the admin can be trusted with sensitive personal information.
(01.04.2017, 65.175.212.--)
Best game i have ever played its a must play for anyone and everyone
(31.03.2017, 73.39.139.--)
Oris Driftwood
The homo that posted a review before me is a pussy, This is a good game and it is great for killing time
(27.03.2017, 73.26.183.--)
Not Important
Initially I thought this was going to be a good game until I found out an admin or someone connected to this game hacked and sabotaged another game. Then I asked myself that if they would do that, could they be trusted to run a fair game? Enter at your own risk.
(15.01.2017, 207.119.79.--)
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