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Darkness Once Forsaken Free UO Shard

Darkness Once Forsaken No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap with scrolls. Hundreds of custom quests, monsters, items, deco and tamables. Bio-Engineering, Custom Crafting, Custom Graphics and Items.

Wonderful Shard, Great People, cool Quests & Deco, lots of customs, always improving... Love It, would recommend for everyone.
(07.06.2016, 68.34.75.--)
Great shard. Wonderful mix of custom scripts and old OSI stand-bys, I find new things everyday. I too like the fact you cannot "buy your way to the top" with donations. You can start with a skill template or start with none and work your way through the skills. It is in your best interest to roam the lands as secrets are scattered throughout, as is the chance for secret treasure, rare items and sometimes certain death.

Same game it has always been, but tweeked for the better here, and continuing to update and add items as the shard seems to grow in age.

There seems to be something for many different styles of play except pvp. There is no player vs player.

I would recommend this server and game to anyone.
(01.05.2016, 24.138.29.--)
This is the best shard I have ever played, and I have accounts on a lot of them, however all I play is here, there is so much content it is crazy, hidden areas to find, pet breeding, bio pets, and the best thing is they dont allow donations, so you can't buy your way to the top, you actually have to earn stuff but when you do it is awesome. crafting is unbelievable, so much to do. the custom client is needed to see everything, but it was worth it to me. you will not be sorry you joined.
(24.03.2016, 71.85.120.--)
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