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Shifty Mafia

Brand New Game Released 3/12/2014 Join Now! Need active staff! Great features totally Unique!

This game has just been reset and all donators were robbed yet again by the owners.

Avoid this game at all costs unless you are happy to be ripped off , stolen from or risk having your personal details sold to third party sites !
(07.01.2015, 92.26.64.--)
Hey guys, I'm the new owner bought the site off of the previous owner.. I have revamped everything and I'm adding new content all the time!

First order of the day I removed the P2W items and made the game more about fun then making money :P

Right now if you take a look I've added several new features, fixed a lot of the bugs and every day I'm attempting to fix any found issues and right now I'm adding in a Territory war function for gangs to fight over new area's.

I have absolutely no plan to remove or take down this game!
I also listen to the players, I have already taken a lot of the players advice and expanded on them.

Come on in and ask around and enjoy your stay, this game is now a f2p with the ability to purchase coins that will only speed things up. Their is no way to p2w now, at some point or another everyone will be around the same level of play.
(18.12.2014, 24.95.40.--)
I have played this owners games a few times over last few months and all he ever does is runs special deals to take donations , speaks to players like crap and then closes the game down in under a month and makes a new one.

He also uses dupe players , usually his friends, that he gives free upgrade items so real users have to spend more money on his games to compete.

I have many paypal disputes open trying to claim back my money from this thief.

Avoid this and any further games he makes at all costs.
(07.12.2014, 92.18.60.--)
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