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Immortal Day - Vampire MPOG

Immortal Day is a vampire browser based game that is full of action, no matter how much experience you have. Take on the role of a variety of species, ensuring that you have the powers you need to beat each level and come out a winner in the end.

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This is souch an awesome game i love it
(30.12.2014, 66.87.19.--)
Not only is the game fun and engaging, all of the support guides and the direct question volunteers are very useful and fast. That is something I find to be very important, along with all of the random people that bail or cure you in the game! That was the most shocking for me.
(19.12.2014, 108.47.81.--)
So far so good.
(04.12.2014, 101.99.181.--)
Rubbish game far too much clicking does my head in I wouldnt waste my time
(08.11.2014, 86.153.64.--)
Great game!
(01.11.2014, 70.48.139.--)
Phil Britain
My issues with the owner and administrators of Immortal Day (as described in my post below) have been resolved to my satisfaction.
(06.09.2014, 68.99.150.--)
A game that is almost as bad as the people who run it. Not worth the time signing up
(02.09.2014, 64.187.236.--)
Having played both Immortal Day and Immortal Night I can say the being a donator does not cost anymore on one than the other they are just set up differently. Donators, of course, get perks, but there is an economy allowing you to earn money and advance as much as you want. It's about what you want out of the game and what you put into it. The people are a wild mixture, as in anywhere you would go. This game allows you so many choices, and has such a fun atmosphere I can't stay away.
(22.07.2014, 86.147.239.--)
I really love this game. I have played their games for over 4 years and when I saw they had created Immortal Day, I decided to give it a try. I am hooked on it jus as I am the other game they have out. If your thing is role playing, you can live in a world as a Vampire, a Lycan, or a Hunter. Or you can feed the thrill of becoming the best player in the game. Really it all depends on what you want out of your game time. There are "creatures" there from all over the world. I have made a few friends that I really enjoy talking to while I am there. Anytime I have had any questions or concerns I have been treated with respect by the Immortal Day staff.
(19.07.2014, 24.159.69.--)
Miss Zom [798]
ImmortalDay has a great player community and a wonderful atmosphere ive been playing this game in particular since it started and i enjoy playing the game i would recommend thouse who are interested to take the time to join and see what its all about and the admins are very professional and fair you wont find any other game as fun as this one
(18.07.2014, 75.75.134.--)
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