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Immortal Day - Vampire MPOG

Immortal Day is a vampire browser based game that is full of action, no matter how much experience you have. Take on the role of a variety of species, ensuring that you have the powers you need to beat each level and come out a winner in the end.

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Little Pixie
This staff allows sexual harassment in dms. even people offering you money to sext them. when reported the admins don't do shit. just shrug their shoulders and ban you when you ask them "so basically you allow people to harass others for prostitution on your site?" and get banned for sticking up for yourself against sexual harassment. if you value your sanity and safety to say no, then don't play this game
(14.06.2024, 73.50.120.--)
Love this game,,. Two thumbs up
(30.03.2024, 174.254.53.--)
Marci Mccauliff
I loved it, at first. Then I realized how corrupt the staff is, and how much they let certain layers get away with. They erase reports to the owner about a certain family. The forums, what a joke, one of the threads is basically used to publically lynch players that have ticked a "high and mighty DC' off, and when brought to the attention of the inactive, invisible, rude, arrogant owner, the reply is basically "get over it" They know there are players that have multiple accounts, and yet, do nothing about it. Say something? banned. Try to talk to the owner? ignored. Tick someone too many times by standing up for oneself? pitted. I invested a LOT of money, time and effort into this game, and its a dang joke now. How can an owner who is never there make decisions at all based on fact? Nope, she listens to her rude and biased staff. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME IF YOU VALUE PEACE, POSITIVITY AND A SAFE FUN, SPACE TO PLAY.
The bullying on this site is worse than a high school clique, and the indifference of the owner is unacceptable and the biased staff all need to be replaced. This game went from good to bad, to disgusting. Play Howling of the Lycans instead, it's similar, only much better, and the owners are heads and shoulders above Nikita. If you do choose to play, get ready to kiss the DCS asses or be pummeled into a pulp, all while they're the cheaters, liars and multis. Its GROSS!!! This game needs to be shut down.
(04.11.2019, 24.63.0.--)
Crazy Gamer
OMG! What an AWFUL Game! Nothing ever works! Post a bug report, and get game banned! Ask admin a question and get insulted. They only want your money, otherwise its FU, you can suck it.
(09.07.2019, 174.237.3.--)
Horrible Games
They did another of their big events this last week and it was, as expected, a total and utter bust. Nothing worked! And when you ask about getting ripped off they just block you. Dont waste your time and Specially your hard earned money.
(06.06.2019, 47.215.217.--)
This game has more bugs than a motel mattress...
(23.05.2018, 47.146.117.--)
love the game really
(08.05.2018, 73.203.160.--)
Arcane Circle is WAY BETTER! The admin of the 'immortal' games are obnoxious! Treat their customer like crap. If you love abuse this is the game for You!
(24.04.2018, 47.146.117.--)
It could be better but I like it better than most.
(01.07.2016, 68.13.105.--)
Funny how many love this game. Yet, this is a more sinister side to this game that many dont see.

1, Game protects players from Immortal Night. They donated quite a bit and exempt from rules.

2, Staff speak ill to us, if we retaliate, we get banned.

3, Player turned staff turned players speak utter filth to players and yet administration just dismiss this.

Oh yes, I love this game, getting demoralized by staff. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY

On the other hand, if I spent large sums on the game I would be protected and allowed to break rules. Why you ask ? my donations help line corrupt staff pockets and keep game afloat
(28.04.2016, 92.6.186.--)
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