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Roguard Online

(Low Ep13.2 preRenewal) 8/8/2 - (Classic Ep9.0 noAdv) 1/1/1 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - EU-Hosted - No Wipes - Kamishi-Colorpack - Custom Warp Quest - Vote for Points - Client/Server-Protection - DDos-Protection - Live Support - Automated Events - Real Cu

1/1/1 Rates what should I say more? Awesome!
friendly community, professional Admins,NO BOTS,great features,NO imbalanced donation, you really get the oldschool feeling here!
This server just feels like in old times when you really had to work for your stuff and when u get it you are happy :D.
For me one of the last real servers out there, where ur skill matters and without any resetters or healers on every step.
If you want an awesome CLASSIC experience come to ROGUARD CLASSIC! Join now!
(20.06.2014, 78.48.231.--)
ITS good server polite people not much some where 100 people now no custom original ro only few donate items not top=) costumes hats for costume no warper and one castle woe just opened VERY FAST CONNECTION good admin no hacks! no bots!
(04.04.2014, 128.72.203.--)
BEST X5 now i saw new server no bots no lags 10 guilds party !!!
(26.03.2014, 178.130.42.--)

i want to tell you about a new server (online since 14.01.14) named Roguard Online.
I was looking for a lowrate server without a lot of changes to be able to play like on an official server.
Usually on official servers you get known to GMs that are not skilled or not willing to help which is very sad,
cause they want money for their "service".

Now i found Roguard Online:

Pre-Renewal (never liked Renewal a lot)
Max Lvl 99
Max Aspd 190
Rates 5/5/2 (Normal) and 8/8/2 (Premium)
the rest you can find here at their website

About GMs:
Its like and official server without renewal (feels soooo oldschool) and the GMs are not skilled only (professional
and private developers), but friendly and helpful too...
They react to players suggestions to improve the server and make it better for the whole community...
No question is left unanswered and its so great to finally be heard out by GMs.
Maybe you know them from playing RO2 cause they made the translation pack for RO2 for english and german language.

About Donations:
As non-donator you dont have any disadvantages compared with donators, which i like most. You can get
everything from the cash shop and even premium for your account by voting or paying zeny for it.
This is what i call balanced.

About Custom Changes:
Also they implemented an own Quest for Town/Dungeon warps which is very unique and well-thought about.
Other custom quests are already ingame and some planned for near future. All of them are very balanced and
dont destroy the oldschool-feeling.

You got no KVM-Weapons there or other overpowered items, but unique/balanced battleground equipment
comming soon (for those who are interested in it).

Also some monsters and spawnrates have been changed to support party play and improving fun in general,
all changes will be listed soon on the website.
(19.02.2014, 87.161.241.--)
About Bots:
What i really like about the server: NO BOTS
I mean of course they are forbidden on most servers but nearly no server really gets rid of them. You wont find
one here. As well as you wont find people using macros or other 3rd party tools.

About Economy/Population:
The economy does not really exsist yet, cause we still lack more players, but its growing and guilds
appear... join to help so we can start playing WoE pls :D
At the moment we have about 30 active players (none of them autotrade-merchants).

About Starting:
Every player gets a starter package (through doing a little quest in novice ground) and every guild (5+ players)
gets a guild package on start which makes it a bit easier for everbody who likes to start over new here...

Comming to an End:
We got people from all over the world and would be happy to see you online too :)
More parties, more guilds, more fun!!!
(19.02.2014, 87.161.241.--)
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