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Seduction City

Seduction City .NET is a sexually themed online Role Playing Game (RPG). This Browser War Game is designed for adults and offers you a sassy, sometimes smoldering atmosphere. Join today for free and explore your Seductive Side!

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This is the worst game i have ever played if there ever was a place you want to throw away your hard earned money on its this.The owner has his favorites and his string of female followers.My advice give it a very wide birth
(22.09.2018, 77.111.246.--)
Don't ever play this game, you will regret it. The owners play favoritism and only care about themselves and their pockets. Only play if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on useless virtual items. The owner has his own harem of girls to play with and this game is his playground to do so. Only a few players play this long-term and they spend thousands of dollars and any new player will be bullied. If you don't believe, just try and start playing and see how many new players have stopped almost immediately.
(13.01.2018, 210.186.245.--)
Che Guevara
I have played this game over two years, and it has been on a downward spiral, the player base consists of two tiers those in favor with the admin, and those who are not. If you are in four you get fed supplies and allowed to boss the game, those who are not in favour tend to throw thier money at the game and get nowwhere,
(09.07.2017, 82.39.179.--)
My account got fedded after hundreds were spent on it cause the moderators did not like me. They said I broke a rule which I did not and acted without any proof of wrongdoing at all. I even sent Master of Seduction letters telling him I was being threatened by an older player on the site who is married in game to the second in command all because I was excelling in the game faster than his prodigy. There is great influence anounst the older players as they think they are gods oin the game and must be bowed down to and can influence the staff to do what they want without any proof cause all you have to do if say oh they broke this rule or another and dont even need any proof at all. I did ask several times in emails why and for the proof and they wont answer any of my emails at all. It's easy for people who have not been in these situations to just say oh they must have broken a rue but sometimes they over step their bounds because of it.
(06.05.2017, 190.58.252.--)
Awesome site
(03.02.2017, 68.115.14.--)
This is the worst game I have ever played. I have have seen first hand what the owners do spitefully they give things away to the criers and the people who want nothing for money and every thing free and they get to the top so more people spend money and its a vicious circle that continues to make the game a drying game its not worth your time and an extreme waste of money
(23.09.2016, 184.155.0.--)
Tazmanian Devil
Love this game and the constant additions and improvements
(10.01.2015, 96.245.184.--)
Love it
(29.09.2014, 173.59.1.--)
Loving this more and more
(24.08.2014, 173.59.1.--)
June Anne
Awesome site
(23.08.2014, 173.59.1.--)
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