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Drugs & Cartels

Drugs & Cartels is a new game launched in April 2017. The theme is based mostly on Drug Production, Smuggling to over 30 cities, joining or even creating your own Drug Cartel and killing everyone on your path to the top

Game has potential, the creator holds it back. While (as the creator Szechter mentions above) there's no "nerve and awake bullshit" there's energy that most actions cost quite a bit to do and you go through it fast. The game is in a constant flux as the creator makes changes on the go to fit his likes and dislikes. He's not a coder and has a part time guy working for him as a side job so when changes are suggested (unless they're the creators request) they take forever. Most of the regulars are close knit from other versions of this game. Some of the crimes you can't even attempt unless you're paying to play. Usually no more than 5 people on at any given time. Chatbox is a joke. overall, there are much better games out there.
(11.07.2018, 108.44.145.--)
This game, just a little over a year old has so many great features allowing you to do so much. You can attack or race other players, commit crimes, buy businesses and real estates, break players out of jail, and so much more. Furthermore, there is a nice sense of competition as we all compete for the monthly real cash prize, which is anybody’s game! Though competitive, there is a great community, all willing to help any new players if asked. This isn’t like all the other mafia games where you click and wait for your energy to refill, but this one has more “quality” and definitely very entertaining. Lastly, there is a very active group of staff members who are constantly entertaining other players ideas for improvement, as well as finding their own ways to make this even more enjoyable for everybody.
(19.10.2014, 172.3.32.--)
Al Pacino
Great Game! Join a Family & your' Ballin! Go Solo & your Loco! haha this game is pretty awesome!
(15.03.2014, 184.56.80.--)
The game launched in August 2013. So much great feedback, the game's really good - balanced but a bit difficult too, so it's a great challenge. And people are awesome too, the chatbox is the place to observe! Funny comments. Great game features that provide you with so many options! Really great game and you have to think all your decision carefully! Not just another clicking game. And no "nerve, awake" bullshit like in other mafia games
(10.08.2013, 95.49.100.--)
I love this game, interesting plot + engrossing !!!
(31.07.2013, 83.28.251.--)
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