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UO Evolution [Dedicated Server]

[ML/SE/SA/UW] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 2 years! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Townhouses, Animal Breeding, Bioengineering, Evo Drago

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(20.05.2016, 69.145.169.--)
These people are giving the freeshard community a bad name. I dont know how they fake their online player stats but they do. Gms are corrupt and you have to pay real money to get anywhere in the game.
(05.05.2016, 107.77.106.--)
Server full of Bots, Online Stats CHEAT, Voting site Corruption, DIGITAL CURRENCY, this isnt a freeshard, it costs money to play here and to obtainhings!
(17.04.2016, 66.24.10.--)
Love this shard, its full of fun and helpful people. Staff and player events on daily and the development is top class!
(08.06.2015, 50.168.195.--)
Best Ultima Online Free Shard! The staff is out standing, friendly and always adding new events and items to the game. You will not get bored!! Players all helpful and willing to teach you the ropes. Website/Wiki/Forums to help with shard special skills. Use Teamspeak for even more help and get to know each other :) LOVE THIS SHARD

(07.06.2015, 24.95.70.--)
Friendly beyond words, this shard is like wearing a comfy pair of slippers. You can role play and many will play along, or be a power player, it's all good fun. Staff run events several times each day, and player run events at least weekly. This really is among the finest shards I have ever played on, do yourself a favor and download their complete package and join in.
(07.06.2015, 208.101.229.--)
nice site
(13.03.2013, 130.204.135.--)
UO Evolution
Our development team is excited to present UO Evolution. Our world is a dynamic adventure that will challenge even the best players. Our Staff and Scripters are all professional and mature…we all have a passion for Ultima Online and work on this shard to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience possible.

RunUO 2.1 SA SVN

Host Address and the Port is 2593

DEDICATED SERVER – Ultrafast Backbone with over 150 Gbit / Unlimited Bandwidth, professionally hosted in the USA

AMD Athalon II x4 Quad Core
4x 2.3 GHz
2x 1000 GB SATA II-HDD

Highlights of our Shard

3 houses per account. We also have a custom Townhouses System that lets players Rent buildings and Shops in Cities.

5 player characters per account. Only one character is needed due to the unlimited skill cap, but role playing the other characters is encouraged.

300 Stat Cap, 350 Stat Cap with Power Deeds you get from events and champs

No Skill Cap (Max ALL skills on all characters)

Original OSI Maps, All Facets Fully Spawned including Ter Mur, Underworld and Stygian Abyss

Custom Artwork, Graphics, buildings, GUI, and Mobiles not seen on any other shard…over 100 custom UO Architect castles, cathedrals, buildings and dungeons to explore!

Custom Graphics/Monsters/Items Several Facets are completely custom with new adventures and quests

Custom Areas including Auction House, Vendor Mall, Library, Training Area, Quest Hall and Artifact Museum

Custom Crafting Items

Custom Crafting including Runic Crafting, Enhancing, Sockets/Augments, Item Leveling

Dozens of Custom Resources

5 Custom Ores
7 Custom Logs
7 Custom Leathers
Custom Magic Cloth
Custom Craftable Weapons
Custom Craftable Furniture [Elven & Gargoyle]
Custom Craftable Deco Items

Wine Crafting
Wood Crafting
Rug Crafting
Wax Crafting

New Systems

Weapon Leveling System
PVP Automated Tournament System
PVP Challenge System
XML Siege System – PvM
(13.03.2013, 70.189.219.--)
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