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The best online gangster game, running since 2005. It's free to play and packed full of great features, along with a great community of players. Join today, you can sign up or login using an existing Google, Facebook or Yahoo account.

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it is a great game but dont be fraid of the monsters you will meet
(03.02.2014, 137.118.213.--)
Good, but too many cunts in it
(03.02.2014, 5.64.98.--)
Such a great game for both Adults and kids.But just remember just because this game is mine I dont care what you do have has many accounts as you would like.Plus dont forgot to steal credit cards so you can buy credits so I can use the money to go on a holiday with that stolen money.And just remember post as many porn pictures as you would like.
(03.02.2014, 69.245.169.--)
this game is for adults, and my son (Rey,GN) has been playing this!! block this for youngster u dicks, i am very suspicious that my son does drugs now!!!! look what u have done.. knobs
(02.02.2014, 78.144.152.--)
best game you will ever play, word of advice though. Block "Instinct" as soon as you make an account, complete crackhead @ begging and biggest bellend you will ever play on it,dude even quit his job to play this game because its just that good
(02.02.2014, 81.159.126.--)
You don't know your good at this game until someone compares you too Hitler; then you have won.
(02.02.2014, 86.130.169.--)
Good game, just block Instinct as soon as you log in, total waste.
(02.02.2014, 80.47.90.--)
This is where it's at. If you haven't played. You haven't lived. Get you fix today
(03.03.2013, 99.112.64.--)
I've been playing this game since the start (2005), i remember playing as a kid in primary school, all our mates getting together and sending black widows (been removed now) to other people to annoy them, was really fun. Since then a lot has changed, mostly positive which i feel outweigh the negativity. I must say now its 2012, nearly 2013 and every time i say i'm going to quit, i still have that passion to play.

I would recommend this game to people who are looking for a a RPG game that depth, an aim to become the best, which can be done through various ways. The game also has a great community with the age range going from the very low to the high with very mature adults. The game also has a very good "Chat" implemented, you can chat when you want, start conversations and do many more.
(17.12.2012, 78.148.122.--)
Italian Joe
Best game I've played online yet, only one word of advice though. Block "Instinct" as soon as you login, guys a total cunt.
(02.12.2012, 176.27.73.--)
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