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Chaotic Century Free Space Adventure Text Game

A ruthless alien race known as the Skaze ran us from our home planet of Earth. Now we wait and train until the day come that we will take back our planet. Join the battle in this EPIC new Online Space Adventure Text Game!

The game is in true Crimson Games fashion. A healthy mix of gaming and social networking. If you like social networks and gaming this is the best of both worlds.
(19.08.2012, 68.39.217.--)
Chaotic Century has some great addictive qualities to it. The player interaction is the biggest bonus and since the game literally just started, I would have to say there is scope for some great levellers and level sitters to come in.

It's relative easy to play...requires no download and is good for people who enjoy doing something while working as it is a browser based text game.

I would definitely recommend it.
(28.07.2012, 92.239.152.--)
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