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A free browser based crime game. Make friends, allies, and enemies as you fight your way to the top in this popular and unique take on the crime genre. Completely free- no downloads required.

The game has some original flair to it. It's addictive and completely free that being said there is only 1 staff member and he has rules posted that he never actually complies to even himself. People can say or threaten others in the most disgusting ways and he just doesn't care. If something is so bad it needs his attention then you better hope you know how to contact him because he does not accept mails in the game. He is very much the I am the owner and what I say is all that matters and you don't like it get out. If you are an arrogant person so to say then you should never play this game I was just banned and told (The arrogant are unwelcome). You can not even question him or question something he does in private without this happening. The game glitches and he will not accept it so then its no matter what the players fault and he will do nothing to fix the problem. I do not think its worth the time and effort of playing there to have to deal with all that comes along from this game.
(09.04.2015, 75.54.64.--)
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