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Phil accipiter
I havent played mafia life for about 3 yrs. this might be the ticket to get me back in the game
(12.03.2012, 98.102.151.--)
Ricky Raider
I can honestly say, I really do not like anything about this game!
(12.03.2012, 76.168.215.--)
Stevie Rigatoni
I am a ten year plus player of online mafia games and MafiaLife is one of the best if not the best one out there. The MafiaLife team overcame many hurdles and actually listened to the players during the development of their newest version of the game. I look forward to the future of the game.
(11.03.2012, 184.90.142.--)
It is a alright game. I like the platform but some of the jobs are way to hard to complete and alot of the items are to pricey. While I understand trying to make money from a game, in this day and economy people want alot for their money if they are going to spend it on a game and I just do not feel you get that with this game. It also seems that unless you spend alot of money you cannot go much of anywhere with the game.
Some of the items that are needed for jobs to further gameplay also seem extremely hard to get. I will continue to play for fun and go as far as I can with it but will not be spending anymore money on it.
(11.03.2012, 98.206.76.--)
Really enjoying game so far, a little confusing at first as to what order things should be done and each click causes page to reload (very annoying)but hanging around while they work out the bugs! Thanks for finally something different to play :-))
(10.03.2012, 67.213.197.--)
lucky gambale
good game...still needs so tweaking ..but what game doesnt
(10.03.2012, 67.160.83.--)
Rogue Rascallion
Liked the old setup for jobs and such much better but the game is definately alot less buggy or prone to crashing. Overall, good job! Perhaps you could bring back staff the way it was on the original server to better serve the players...
(10.03.2012, 98.21.90.--)
First game I have tried on Facebook, so can't do any comparison. It is fun but needs a centralized customer service to let them know when problems are found. Removal of game player favoritism or bias would be nice.
(10.03.2012, 98.206.76.--)
Game is interesting, would be better if there was a way to interact with other mobsters. Products are too pricey, especially if you're trying to grow from a lower level. Most people wind up quitting before they even get past associate, and some of the jobs are almost impossible to accomplish.
(10.03.2012, 69.169.243.--)
Bobby the Butcher
Has a few bugs to work out ,but way way better than any other fb game!
(10.03.2012, 107.62.107.--)
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