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Cyber Citizens

Cyber Citizens is a multiplayer online social strategy game. Create your citizen and navigate around real world maps in cities like New York, London, Los Angeles, Rome, Tokyo, and others to find new locations, friends, and enemies. Find a job and earn mon

I really recommend this game to other players who are looking for anything to happen in this game at anytime. While you're walking around, you get tired and require more energy so you need to buy more energy to move around. To get a job you need to apply for or join a company at the industrial park. With this game you're allowed to live it and role play as much as you like (there's a forum that goes along with it). As a bonus you're allowed to create a company (for a price), a political group, or just form a gang by role playing on the forums.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and head over to the web site!
(11.02.2012, 184.88.65.--)
I invite all new players to join Inmates of America in New York City. In New York and Inmates of America we will teach you how to gain the most form crimes. Many want power and riches but you need to ask your self. Will I serve my time in prison to one day be on top of the world?
(20.04.2011, 98.206.86.--)
This game is pretty simple, basically, you work for money, which can be spend on from vehicles to weapons to houses, you can join a political party and run for office, you can be a criminal, law-abiding citizen, or even a police officer. You can move to and from different real life cities

All in all, i believe this game is very simple,addictive, and has much potential.
(20.04.2011, 166.204.77.--)
Ludwig Von Koopa
It's a scrumptious game, in my opinion. Made by the same guy who made the famous Cybernations, and in similar style. But, you know, better and a lot more community-oriented. And it's a great mature community. Lot of potential here.
(02.04.2011, 173.48.59.--)
Love it! Non-demanding. Great community. Simple idea with broad scope, with room for further development.
(01.04.2011, 216.109.101.--)
Manfred von Richthof
This game is great for lazy people. I log in just a few minutes a day when I need a break.
(29.03.2011, 24.30.155.--)
Best browser game ever in my opinion. If you're as lazy as me, it only needs a couple of minutes of your time each day, or as much time as you're willing to throw at it. Great if you like stat building games, great if you like fighting via a stat-comparison based fight system, great if you like keeping quiet & off the radar too... You can just quietly log in, work, eat & build until you're strong enough to do the fighting, or you can wade right in shooting your mouth off & making enemies from the start. It's up to you.
(28.03.2011, 86.30.235.--)
Cybercitizens is a very simple game and everyone can choose his side , between Crime and Justice.It wouldn't be exaggeration to say that it is one of the best games i have ever played.
Although it is not like these dammit games in facebook with the cool graphics,CC can make you addicted.
(24.03.2011, 46.176.180.--)
This game is fantastic with a short learning curve. In short.. Love it! :)
(23.03.2011, 92.40.103.--)
I like this game because of the real life maps as well as the player created companies. Its the best Mafia/Political role player out there.
(22.03.2011, 98.206.86.--)
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