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Hexery - An online Collectable Card Game

Hexery is a new Elemental based Collectible Card Game (CCG) played in your browser using Adobe Flash for free. You can compete in duels to earn gold that is used to buy booster packs full of cards.

This game is new and the community is really growing. The game is a flash game about a collectible card game or like some call it a trading card game. Either way, its fun to play and the other people who I have talked too seemed to like it as well. The website design is interesting in that it will allow you trade cards with other players. There is a market system that lets you sell cards and buy cards. To make any purchases you need in-game currency which is rightfully called Gold. Gold is earned by completing duels. There are prizes for both winning and looses. Over all I give this game a 9.0 and hope you find it as fun as I have.
(29.05.2011, 173.216.192.--)
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