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There are many prestigious roles in the world of organized crime. Be boss of a family and rule with absolute power. Amass a fortune in diamonds or make millions on the black market. It’s yours for the taking when you are Trenton Made!

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Poor Dev
There used to be 2 admins; one a developer (The Man), the other - the sites matriarch (Sway).

Sway is a personable, friendly admin who kept the site ticking over nicely, dealing with problems in an appropriate manner.

The Man is a coder with an ego. He functions best as a mechanic, working under the hood of the game.

Since Sway retired, The Man has taken it upon himself to try to run the game single-handedly and does an abysmal job of it.

Ten years ago, I would have said this is a great game. Today, it's little more than a place where The Man can impose himself in an unrestricted way and get away with it. He's a sad little man with little else going on in his life. He's a bully and nothing more.

I would avoid joining this game now.

Amongst others, has a much more attentive, friendly and welcoming developer. I'd suggest joining one of them instead.
(29.12.2018, 79.71.32.--)
Peter Johnston
This is a really great game which I have played for a couple years now. Its a shame some idiots who get caught cheating try and give it a bad name. But it is a really great community and the admins do a good job at making sure everybody plays fair.
(05.01.2013, 98.245.11.--)
j torio
Great game takes time but worth it to me got help when I needed it.Give it a try.
(19.12.2012, 98.127.205.--)
the owner is a sleeze who takes ur money then feds u,and theres no gettin out!the staff appears tolet their friends run the game, and this owner is an embarassment to the gaming community.
(07.08.2012, 99.18.128.--)
worst staffand owner could care less.real wasteofmoney,its unappreciated.
(09.07.2012, 99.189.219.--)
Sheila Blackthorn
(29.06.2012, 66.87.112.--)
Great game
(16.05.2012, 108.129.48.--)
gooddddd game
(07.10.2011, 31.171.21.--)
This game sucks only cus the admin is a ridiculous buffoon who deserves not to be the admin. I am DeadTake Level 61 feded cus I apparently have multiple accounts. WRONG! He banned me cus I revealed he has broken his own rules and creating new rules and banning players. He hasn't even put up the rules he is creating. BE WARNED DONT SPEND MONEY ON IT CUS YA JUST GOING TO GET BANNED.
(27.07.2011, 86.6.202.--)
there are much better games out there.played trenton made for 2 years,first game of this type i signed up for.was the e-friends i made on there kept me coming back.once they left the game lost do your shakedowns,maybe bust someone out of jail and thats it,nothing else to takes a long time to level,get stats etc unless you are prepared to dump a lot of real cash into the game. i wont spam this review with the names of better games but keep looking,there are much better ones out there.
(09.05.2011, 71.245.43.--)
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