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Core Exiles

Core Exiles is a PBBG based Epic Space game. You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser based games CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset every few months.

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been playimg for 3 yrs. I have tones of premium stuff and i have never payed a penny for it. many "ooohhhh, coool!" moments.
(13.12.2010, 76.179.8.--)
Still the greatest.Keep up the good work
(09.10.2010, 75.15.120.--)
This game is everything a game should be... interesting, addictive and fun.
Constantly being updated. Great community and support.... Fantastic Dev team.
If I could give it 20 stars I would.
(16.09.2010, 64.231.61.--)
Highly addictive. The support and people here are outstanding.
(09.04.2010, 64.12.116.--)
This is a great game and quite addictive. You will not be bored in a month or two which is very common with other games played. The NPC missions are quite in depth and several levels deep. Their is complexity in certain things must be done before you can do other things. It does not seem to be that you are constantly running into premium only content as is seen with other free to play games I have tried. Try it you will have fun and join the guild Intelliquest early on for lots of help.
(14.06.2009, 98.167.188.--)
Excellent game. Very complex and in-depth.
(03.06.2009, 141.154.147.--)
Still as excellent as ever
(05.04.2009, 75.15.128.--)
Steven Dossett
This has to be the most in depth browser based space empire building game out there.
Developed by 2 people totally devoted to providing the complexity and need for players to work together to get the best results.
Has the most helpful players i've come across in an on-line game so far for helping new players get a foothold in the game.
New features are still being added at an alarming rate (not surprising considering it's still in beta), from what i'm told, a lot more is yet to come.
For a tick/fuel based game it allows playing styles that can take all day to use the fuel that regenerates each 15 mins, or you can use a days worth in 15 mins if you so desire.
Although there are pay features included they are not necessary for you to advance to be a top player, time and effort and thought will get you there just the same.
There are guilds to join, things to make (craft/engineer) including player settlements, new worlds to explore, aliens, pirates, and good guys to beat up on. Lots of npc missions to keep you occupied into the high levels (with more being added constantly) you can even send in your own set/s of missions to be added (how to get your name in the game permanently)
There is a huge array of ships to work with, most are designed with 1 or 2 professions in mind (fighting {good or bad}, hauling, mining), there are other occupations that generally go with the main profession adding to the diversity of both the game and your game-play, which gives a opportunity for players to stick to there chosen profession/s for as long as you want (with an IP reset), you can change professions as you gain levels (you get 1 every 20 levels {they can also be paid for from the Core Exiles Store})
Come join the fun, you wont regret it :))
(16.03.2008, 121.208.97.--)
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