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Core Exiles

Core Exiles is a PBBG based Epic Space game. You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser based games CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset every few months.

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Tried a lot of games and they are all getting very similar and boring. Build base, build big fleet/army get trashed by huge enemy alliance...
This game is about slowly building up as a space captain. there is missions, combat, exploration, salvage, mining, building and a huge amount of stuff to find.
After a months play I have explored a fraction of the large universe and only figured out the basics. Other players are very helpful and supportive.
On the downside, it is a large and confusing game not for the faint hearted and patience is needed to make progress.
Graphically its average and the interface is basic and a little untidy.
It does have in game purchase, but its actually hard to find the shop and it seemed expensive and of little value to a new player.
Overall a very deep and unique game.
(21.02.2015, 81.153.87.--)
Best browser game I've ever played! If you're looking for a PvE game, where you don't have to compete against other players, this is it! You can choose between multiple career paths and craft, explore, deliver cargo, transport passengers, mine and extract resources...there's even combat if you're into that - as long as you plan it well, you can do multiple things and never get bored! There's a bit to read and learn, but everyone is very helpful, so it's easy once you start getting into it. It's really free and the only limitation is fuel, but you have more than enough to play almost every day and there are ways to get more, by helping the world discover this awesome game or, directly supporting the developer and buying some items from the store.
(16.11.2014, 188.250.25.--)
Best persistent game. Expect to play this for a long time.
Very supportive community and excellent dev support.
(03.05.2014, 24.115.210.--)
BB Starbender
I have been looking for the ultimate space economy game. It isn't out there.But Core Exiles is the best of what is out there. No forced PvP. An broad range of choices and constant development make CE a great entertainment value. You really do have control over your entire gaming experience here. I guess that is why I have been coming back to it repeatedly for nearly three years.
(02.08.2013, 99.106.6.--)
The depth of this game is truly the best i've seen in the browser platform.
It can dwarf even games like @eve in terms of options.
Community is great and the irc channel is very active.

Very important as well that you can do PvP when you want to ONLY.
No player is gonna ruin what you built while being offline.
(20.11.2012, 37.6.8.--)
very good
(09.07.2012, 217.219.19.--)
very good
(26.01.2012, 188.161.146.--)
one of the best browser games i have found, iv tryed heaps and heaps of them and this one is the only one that has kept me interested, there is so much you can do ,from exploring to battle, to mining to refining ect ect the list just goes on and on and the people at core-exiles are a friendly bunch as well
(18.10.2011, 60.228.208.--)
excellent game.........
(09.10.2011, 31.171.21.--)
Excellent Game!!
(25.01.2011, 174.22.91.--)
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