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Rule the Seas

Kill, steal, mug. Become a Pirate and rule the seas.

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fun, oh ya
(02.09.2008, 204.110.227.--)
Haji Mertz
One time, way back in the third grade, me and Mookie Donovan had a bubble gum blowing contest. We both loaded up with four packs of superbubbleblowhard gum, each Well I blew this bubble that was so big that when it popped it covered me from head to toe in gum and the two people who were standing next to me too.

I had to get my head shaved and the two other people who were standing beside me when the bubble exploded, beat me up for a month, because they had to get their heads shaved too. And one was a girl.

I don't know why i always think about that when I play this game, but for some reason, I do.
(29.08.2008, 71.217.100.--)
Mortiki Lipshitz
Oy gevalt! This is a load of MISHEGOSS! These MESHUGGENEH administrators are only interested in separating you from your SHECKLES, it seems? I dont mean to KVETCH, but I'm ready to PLOTZ! I mean only a SHMUCK would pay $$ for nothing. I must admit the GONIFS got me! If you want to end up SHPILKES, then give it a shot. To me, it's just a pain in the TUCHIS!
(26.08.2008, 71.217.100.--)
good game so far
(24.08.2008, 72.175.153.--)
good game
(24.08.2008, 88.89.47.--)
Kaji Moskowitz
I like the part where the guy falls out of the barrel and says "We got fish, WE GOT FISH!" and he's holding the fish in each hand.. that part is funny!
(22.08.2008, 71.217.100.--)
goerg rts name?
(21.08.2008, 88.104.222.--)
george wats ure rts
sick game 10 to vote lad
(18.08.2008, 88.104.222.--)
not bad
(16.08.2008, 216.222.167.--)
Shlomo Horovitz
Have you ever made cinnamon French Toast breakfast?

You begin to mix the eggs and dip the toast, and as you're making it you're just day dreaming how good its going to taste. Then after you sprinkle the cinnamon on and even top it with a scoop of ice cream and syrup, pour your milk and sit down, the next thing you do is take the first bite and realize, you didn't use cinnamon, but used the chili pepper that's in a container that looks EXACTLY the SAME, right next to it, instead?
Yeah, that's what this game is like.

Bon Appétit......
(11.08.2008, 71.217.100.--)
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