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Rule the Seas

Kill, steal, mug. Become a Pirate and rule the seas.

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Flaggio Rematurinio
Everytime I play it I get "the runs" and not in a good way either!
(16.12.2008, 68.202.22.--)
It deosn't blow, I bet if you tried it for a while you'd like it, You just hate being a low level.
(12.12.2008, 24.36.207.--)
Joe Blow
All I can say is,"Wow, this game really sucks!"
(11.12.2008, 76.106.191.--)
Rts is pretty good, I wouldn't rate it if you haven't played it before.
(11.12.2008, 24.36.207.--)
Cousin IT
the games made by pti started out as good, but have gotten steadily worse. the admins are lazy jerks that dont update the majority of their games much if at all, they are also the most corrupt group of sons of bitches ive ever seen run games. they wouldnt know integrity if it bit them on the ass. i would NOT reccomend this game to anyone who wants to play a GOOD game with fair and just admins. EnvyTheGame is MUCH better. the majority of its players have come from one pti game or another because they were disgusted by the corruption of PTI, including the owner of envy, who used to be one of PTI's biggest customers.
(16.11.2008, 24.2.55.--)
RTS sux
sux! administrators spend more time on fucking the players and the game up, than fixing or improving.
(12.11.2008, 97.113.133.--)
Gustave the anal app
Just like my favorite past time, except even more painful (going in and out)!
(07.11.2008, 97.113.140.--)
Stinky Turner
yeah, whatever.
(04.11.2008, 97.113.140.--)
Morgan the Pirate
Good game, but these guys seem to only do things that undermine the players. You get hooked, then they turn around and ruin parts of the game that you enjoyed. They always come up with something new to keep it interesting, but like I said, once you enjoy it, it's only a matter of time until you'll be sorry you played at all.
(01.11.2008, 97.113.140.--)
Turlington MaGoo
It's like running through a springtime field after a douche! It makes me feel so fresh and clean!!
(23.10.2008, 97.113.140.--)
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