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Chaotic Dynasty

Join a world of chaos and build a character through hundreds of possible combinations of race, class, faith, and profession. Breed, raise and train hundreds of pets to fight by your side. Join a guild and fight alongside your brothers. Join the Chaos.

Nism N Spin
Chaotic Dynasty has become one of the most enjoyable, easy-to-play and creative online text-based RPGs on the web today.
While developing your character, your paths and choices are numerous.
Establish tactical strategies that best suit you, while making the most of your daily energy.
Choose from many races and classes, then develop your skills at fishing, mining, battling, training, farming, exploring and lots more.
Many sites and features to visit throughout the city that will keep you interested, including the casino where you can gamble in real-time against other warriors, libraries to acquire required information, armories, blacksmiths, weapons stores and much much more.
Develop your own guild, recruit members and start strategising and planning your actions. Collect various items and use them to develop bigger and better items, weapons and effects.
The unique weapons upgrade system and 'souling' abilities ensures each warrior brings a different element to each battle, making battles far-less predictable and more exciting.
Purchase and breed various pets to fight alongside you in battles.
The possibilities are endless in Chaotic Dynasty, and will keep you coming back for more, day after day, hour after hour.

(06.03.2008, 211.27.176.--)
Not 10 but 100! This is the best game ever!
(23.09.2007, 222.127.77.--)
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