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Buds Your MMO Gaming Community

A Newish MMO gaming community, With friendly staff and users, always looking for more members from other games. No matter what guild, crew, family or whatever your in. We are looking for people that will contribute to forum, discussing, reviewing mmo's

Good Forum, With its own Rpg type stats which looks to be in line with number of posts. Apparently only a month or 2 old and going well. They have a decent list of games, some of which they play. Sections for closed and open beta mmo games, and even some paid to play games. They are from all diferent clans/guilds.. the founders are from buds, hence ' Buds forum ' but they are not worried and infact want all sorts of other players from diferent guilds to join as they say the want a mmo gamers forum as we all have the same thing in common, and thats MMO Addicts !
(10.05.2007, 211.26.122.--)
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