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Deliantra MORPG

Deliantra is a free software, cooperative multiplayer RPG and adventure game, much similar in style (and setting) to nethack and moria, but is fully graphical and runs in realtime. It is set in a classical medieval environment.

Rip-off of Crossfire. Many buildings aren't developed properly. Most of the town NPCs just stand around. No on-going development of adventures.

One of the admins behaves like a creep. Parks his avatar on top of a female player's avatar, and ignores her protests. Sexual harassment if he tried it in real life.
(25.07.2009, 115.130.19.--)
This is very nice rpg game, the character development is very flexible gives almost endless possibilities, there are lots of skills, spells, items and artifacts to find use and lvl up. I greately recommend
(24.06.2009, 83.6.37.--)
I love this game, it's being actively
developt and there are very many spells.
It's similar to ultima, only the graphics
are not so good. But there is a new client in development, and it looks very
There are some interesting quests and
a lot of different monsters. It's very fun to find new spells and levelling up.
It's quite hack&slash at the moment, but there are more and more quests.
I can recommend this game to anyone who likes MORPG.
On top this game is completly free software (in means of open source),
you can actively contribute if you
like to: maps, graphics, sounds.
(22.07.2006, 85.180.87.--)
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