Legend of Mir

Legend of Mir is a free to Play online MMORPG Game. Enjoy ultimate battle and PvP game - Legend of Mir

1 Chinese Classic 180 Version 2 0

Chinese Classic 180 Version

The Chinese version of the legend of Mir, Classic 1.80 Version.Pets, Instances, Taxable Guild system, and more Players can buy everything with gold.


2 Venom Mir 3 2 0

Venom Mir 3

Free Server with the newest server engine.New Features ingame.New maps, new All rounder class, and more.


3 Ben's Mir3 1 0

Ben's Mir3

1. support item query in game 2. support item filter in game 3. warrior and assassin auto cast skills 4. support weapon and armour transmogrification 5. new skills, new mounts, new offhand items, 6. support in game help 7. many convenience improveme


4 UltraMir2.3 1 0


UltraMir is a customized game,with loads of new features and content,equally fair to everyone of it's players,Main Town: Resting Place,is amazing for Buying & Selling Items, or just want a gossip?thats you're place!Pet Resting:You can buy gamble pets with


5 PureLock (MS Server) 1 0

PureLock (MS Server)

Neeed a programer who can make Private servers. rates-50x exp 75x drop 100x quest


6 Legend of mir 3 serevr Zentaur2 1 0

Legend of mir 3 serevr Zentaur2

New Skill New map New Hero New Vapeons xp is good .... go on the srv


7 ...::Apocalipsis::... 2 0


Servidor ESPAOL , Buenos GMs , Experiencia x 3 y los findes x 4 , drop alto y mucha gente on , mobs nuevos , armas nuevas , armors nuevas , quets especiales , etc.


9 TotalMir 1.9 1 0

TotalMir 1.9

Total mir 1.9 is a new 1.9 mir server 35x exp rates and med drop rates loads of new features


10 2.3 Server 2 0

2.3 Server

Fun with loads of quests over and above other serversbut is hard to level, not a quick level 100 type server


11 Chaos Legend Of Mir 1 0

Chaos Legend Of Mir

Chaos LegendOfMir is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community.Exp 50x Drop 30x Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms


12 MirRevenge 1 0


Legend of mir game with 3 different servers to choose from - from easy leveling to hard leveling.


13 Requiem Mir 3 1 0

Requiem Mir 3

Server Running X64 Exp, alot of new caves ingame with all caves having there own kit


14 Mir 3 Origins 1 0

Mir 3 Origins

New Mir3 Server English-Spanish server Very high rates, lvl 1000 in 2-3 days looking for members Friendly Staff Join us


16 Eternity Mir 3 1 0

Eternity Mir 3

Nuevo servidor de LOM3 VERSION HOLLEYExperiencia x4 Drop x2Con sets para todos los level y con una segunda dimension donde podras encontrar boses con gran dificultad, pero si consigues matarlos habr valido la pena.


17 Mir Revenge Legend of mir 2 server 2 0

Mir Revenge Legend of mir 2 server

Mir Revenge is the biggest legend of mir server of its time With a record of 304 players online at any one time. Now with 4 servers to choice from, high, med and low rate, and a mir 3 server. Come have a look


18 PongoServer 1 0


A long life 2.3 mir server running on a 10mb connection with no lag and an ever expanding comunity. x5 exp, Gold drops x3, item drops x3, lots of new maps for lvling and exploring, new mobs and items (not old items renamed) and exciting new quests for new


19 Tian Server 1 0

Tian Server

Mid rate server with excellent community! Permantley being updated and garunteed long term server. Lots of new mobs, items and armours GIVE US A TRY NOW!


20 Legend of Mir Exploits 1 0

Legend of Mir Exploits

Cheat Legends of Mir by automating your leveling and farming and/or exploiting ingame glitches to gain the advantage.


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