Links to various multiplayer online games as ranked by players. Many paid and free servers - MMORPG & MPOG

721 Cartel Brothers 0 0

Cartel Brothers

Cartel brothers is a massive, online, multiplayer text based game. Fight for power and respect make alliances and naps and use those to go in battle with you!


722 WTFRPG 0 0


Sick of grinding? Relax at WTF where your hero slaves away 24/7, you count the loot, talk trash, and melt anything that gets in your way. For WoW veterans WTF is a familiar home with a devilish twist of humor.


723 0 0

Qpawn - Destiny awaits

A free political simulator. Sign up as a country and take command of the economy, military, and international relations.


724 Syrnia 0 0


Syrnia is a free online browserbased / textbased Role Playing Game (RPG), with many skills, many items, many nice people, and loads of addicted players !


726 Keehrr 0 0


Come warrior, mage, carpenter, peasant, join in the adventures and mysteries of Keehrr! A cruel tyrant controls the land. Will you save the kingdom, or help the king bring it to ruin? The choice is yours. A fanatsy/medieval play-by-post role-playing game.


727 Dark Swords 0 0

Dark Swords

Dark Swords is a role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn


729 Music Maven 0 0

Music Maven

Music Maven is an online Music Industry simulation game. You are the manager (and also possibly the front-man) for a band, competing against others in the Music Maven community to sell the most albums, earn the most money, and get the most groupies.


730 Assassinators 1 0


Free online text based mafia game! Where you can do organised crime, grand theft auto, gamble and much more. join now!


731 Middle Earth Wars 0 0

Middle Earth Wars

Middle Earth Wars is a Free browser based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. There is no installation or download required to play the game, you just need a computer with a web browser and an internet connection.


732 Dark Mafia - Pimping & Gangster MMORPG 0 0

Dark Mafia - Pimping & Gangster MMORPG

Take over the city by pimping your hoes, dealing dope and bitch-slapping your enemies. Fight your friends in this Browser based, Turn-Based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game


733 Battlecorp online Wargame 0 0

Battlecorp online Wargame

Turn by turn wargame massively multiplayer in a persistent universe.


734 Dragon Ball Z RPG 1 0

Dragon Ball Z RPG

A fun forum based rpg good community and great staff accepting staff applications


735 Bitka.NET 0 0


Bitka.NET - Real-time battles with adversaries from all over the world.


736 Alpha Vertikan Empire 2 0 0

Alpha Vertikan Empire 2

Browser based real time strategy game. Built up your star empire and conquer the universe!


737 Risk Attack - Free online WAR Game! 0 0

Risk Attack - Free online WAR Game!

Risk attack is a online multiplayer war game. this game is much similar to strategic board game. Any one who have internet connection can play this game. It is totally free


738 Ran online Dark Guild 0 0

Ran online Dark Guild

Ran online free mmorpg - Dark guild website


739 LoadEmUp 0 0


An Online Text Based Gang Orientated Game With Loads Of Unique Features That Include (Streets, Stock Market, Attack, Business, Membership)


740 The Maple Story Empire 0 0

The Maple Story Empire

The Maple Story Empire gives you information and downloads about Cheats / Bots / Exploits / Hacking Community / Forum / Guides / Gold / Money / Gallery / Macros / Power Leveling / Tricks / Strategies / and more! Check us out!


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