Links to various multiplayer online games as ranked by players. Many paid and free servers - MMORPG & MPOG

721 Helbreath USA 0 0

Helbreath USA

"Hero Sets! Its gives a player the status of being a hero for your town, and it labels you as a good and experienced player" "You can fight anyone. The best thing about this game is the player verse player action." "Best Multi-Player Game where you get to


722 Biker-Fights 0 0


Biker-Fights is a massive, online, multiplayer text based game. Here you are a biker on a quest for money, power and respect. As a biker, you must build up your crib. With biker bitches to generate your income, and with Bikers to protect your crib.


723 Timelords 0 0


The battle of time has begun choose your side and fight! gain credits,levels and pvp score as you battle each other.


724 Dark Legacy 0 0

Dark Legacy

Dark Legacy is a new browser based RPG game with great potential. You begin by fighting NPCs or training at the legend stone, or even battle other players. There is a variety of weapons and armour awaiting you on your journey so what are you waiting for?


725 Void of Space 0 0

Void of Space

Void of Space is a free multiplayer strategy. As player you have free choice to design your ships, you can discover any technology that you want, build colonies up from the ground and all of that, and more, for free!


726 Crimino Maffia RPG 1 0

Crimino Maffia RPG

Textbased Maffiagame, dutch only at the moment. Earn your money as an Criminal, and rank yourself to godfather!


727 Tarsus Empire 1 0

Tarsus Empire

Tarsus empire is a free browser based online multiplayer game where you must conquer planets and destroy enemy empire fleets to attempt to become the dominant force in the galaxy.


728 Crimson Moon | Vampire & Werewolf Games 0 0

Crimson Moon | Vampire & Werewolf Games

Free Online Vampire/Werewolf Game! Now with 2 servers offering 2 different versions of the game. Featuring tournaments, prizes, clans, chats and much much more. The fate of Melania is in your hands!


729 Neranex 0 0


Enter a free MMORPG beyond imagination... Explore worlds, solve quests, and enjoy the thrill of combat with monsters and other players.


730 Dragonballrpg 1 0


A new dragonball rpg, available in dutch and english. Join now and become part of the best game ever made on the internet


731 bikercrimes 0 0


game have more then 600 people and good cash rounds are there now


732 MafiaReturns - Browser Based Mafia RPG Game 1 0

MafiaReturns - Browser Based Mafia RPG Game

Lie, cheat, steal and kill your way to the rank of Godfather in this free browser based Mafia game..


734 Soulhunters 3 0


Hone your skills against the magical force of the training stone to gain an edge on your opponents before venturing forth into the ominous Onyx Ruins. Will you be the one to overthrow the evil tyrant


735 Family kills 1 0

Family kills

Its new fun just you try to make your way to the top with a gang or by your self.


736 Cartel Brothers 1 0

Cartel Brothers

Cartel brothers is a massive, online, multiplayer text based game. Fight for power and respect make alliances and naps and use those to go in battle with you!


737 WTFRPG 3 0


Sick of grinding? Relax at WTF where your hero slaves away 24/7, you count the loot, talk trash, and melt anything that gets in your way. For WoW veterans WTF is a familiar home with a devilish twist of humor.


738 1 0

Qpawn - Destiny awaits

A free political simulator. Sign up as a country and take command of the economy, military, and international relations.


739 Syrnia 2 0


Syrnia is a free online browserbased / textbased Role Playing Game (RPG), with many skills, many items, many nice people, and loads of addicted players !


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