Links to various multiplayer online games as ranked by players. Many paid and free servers - MMORPG & MPOG

641 Mafia Corruption 0 0

Mafia Corruption

Sign up today to become a mobster working your way through the ranks to become the greatest and most powerful gangster in the Mafioso world. You have the ability to be a leader and create your own gang to drive to the top or can equally join gangs.


642 9 0

FREE online RPG adventure game

This is a new still in beta fully animated RPG game. Free to play no obligation required. 100's of weapons quest towns armors. Come now and help kill all the monsters.


643 Knights of Noblemen 0 0

Knights of Noblemen

Travel back to medieval England and become a Nobleman! Hire mercenaries and train them into a team of adept warriors, equip them with the most destructive weaponry and take satisfaction in decimating those that would fight against you or your alliance!


644 Omerta 0 0


Omerta at www.barafranca.com is the Godfather of Mafia games - 4.5 million registered players, online since 2003 - and with a huge active player base. Come and check out the best-designed Mafia themed game on the web! 100% free-to-play since day 1 and sti


645 Out War 0 0

Out War

Get to the top by joining crews, trading weapons and destroying everybody in your path.


646 Wrestling Game 0 0

Wrestling Game

Free online RPG fighting based, the ONLY ONE with more than 500 moves. Thousands of players are waiting to challenge you in, 1vs1, 2vs2, 1vs1vs1, 4vs4.


647 Slave Hack 1 0

Slave Hack

Slave hack is a free online hacking game. You will hack into npc pc's/websites/banks but you will also hack and be hacked by other players ;). You will try to earn cash sending spam/selling warez to upgrade your computer and gain more software.


648 Sundayleague 0 0


Humorous multiplayer football management game, with the emphasis on fun


649 Code75: Cult Uprising 0 0

Code75: Cult Uprising

Free MMORPG. Form a cult and lead your followers to victory over others in the game. Plus, get others to play and make real money! Check out the site for more details. Get your trench coats and poisoned Kool-Aid ready and sign up today!


650 Sea Odyssey Pirates 0 0

Sea Odyssey Pirates

Ahoy Matey! Fight your way on the Seas of Earth to become the supreme Pirate! The Best FREE Browser-based Online MMORPG Pirate Game! Build a fleet of ships and an empire of forts on your own private islands. Check it out!


651 MafiaMatrix 0 0


Rise above the law, or become the law! Become Gangster, Cop or even a Judge and rise to the highest rank in a number of careers in your search for ultimate power and control over crime and corruption.


652 Lost Souls 0 0

Lost Souls

Lost Souls is a small, long-running LPmud that has given players a deep, immersive, always-evolving experience since 1990. Come explore the planes and challenge the gods!


653 Jockstocks - Free fantasy sports stock market simulation. 0 0

Jockstocks - Free fantasy sports stock market simulation.

A free stock market simulation game involving all of your favorite athletes!


654 Farmersi 0 0


Browser based economic multiplayer game. Players manage their virtual farms in the 19th century America. Games for 4-9 players last for 6-17 turns, with market calculations every 12h or 24h.


655 Path to Pelantas 0 0

Path to Pelantas

Enter the arena now! Your heroes are ready to do your bidding. The Path to Pelantas is a journey into a world which is truly glorious. A world of steel and courage!


656 Key To Heaven 0 0

Key To Heaven

MMORPG in late development. Join it now! 2d :)


657 Vato Loco 0 0

Vato Loco

Free to play, Text-Based Mafia/Gangster game.


658 The Future of DBZ 0 0

The Future of DBZ

A great Dbz Rpg, with active members and updates every day


659 The Pentacore. The Lords of Edges. 0 0

The Pentacore. The Lords of Edges.

Is an online strategic MMO browsergame with a world of over 100.000 Wizards


660 Awakened Lands 0 0

Awakened Lands

Its a crime based RPG where the premise is to build up your characters stats to become tougher than others to essentially beat on them. Once established you can form your own gang or join one of the larger families of gangs. Loosely based on ShadowRun


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