Links to various multiplayer online games as ranked by players. Many paid and free servers - MMORPG & MPOG

621 Gunz Online Cheats 0 0

Gunz Online Cheats

Private server, free registration, no lag, high rates, visit now!


623 Gunbound Gold Cheats 0 0

Gunbound Gold Cheats

Private server, free registration, no lag, high rates, visit now!


624 Storm Lords 0 0

Storm Lords

Welcome to the StormLords realm. The land of the Gods, Wind, Rain, Lightning, Thunder, Balance, and Magic. They have many powers which they share with their followers, helping them, ruling them ... Walking among them.


625 Trendio 1 0


Predit the future of News, Politics, Sports and more. As seen in Time magazine


626 Xtratic War 0 0

Xtratic War

Text Based MMORTS. Players can choose from one of three factions: Terrorist, Soldier or Marine. They can gamble, build armies, attack or spy on eachother while building a stockpile of weapons, tools and armor.


627 Kingdom Ages 0 0

Kingdom Ages

Kingdom Ages is a free, massively multiplayer, strategy game. You start as a nobleman, leader of a small village and you'll have to prove your value by bringing your troops to victory.


628 Naruto: Dasshoku Seiryoku 1 0

Naruto: Dasshoku Seiryoku

The first Naruto-Bleach fusion created. We have 27 clans/races total, with 12 villages and 4 organizations. We're working on adding new jutsu right now. Plenty of captain and kage spots are still open.


631 Gangster Game 1 0

Gangster Game

Gangster Game is a new text-based mafia game set in modern times. Start out small-time in 1 of 7 cities around the world, and work your way to the top! steal cars, smuggle drugs, establish your own Crime Ring on your path to becoming a Criminal Overlord!


632 Dragon Raja United 0 0

Dragon Raja United

We are a dedicated Dragon Raja PvP high rate server of Dragon Raja. Our main goal is to bring out the PvP-ing fun out of Dragon Raja.


633 Uni-Tell 1.6 Servers's 0 0

Uni-Tell 1.6 Servers's

Uni-Tell 1.6 3 servers {wc3 save xp } {classic} {respawn} no lag no hackers 24/7 ;)


634 The Mobsters World 0 0

The Mobsters World

Join Today for Free! The Mobsters World is your opportunity to rise to the top. Hope you can survive the turmoil.


636 Track King 0 0

Track King

FREE Horse Racing Stable management game - watch them race!


637 Bulgarian Online Games 1 0

Bulgarian Online Games

Bulgarian online games directory offers access to thousands games


638 FDream online football manager 0 0

FDream online football manager

Create your own football club, name it as you like, choose a logo and customize players form. Use starting 60 000 000$ to hire footballers, build your own stadium and fanclubs. Then start to play matches and join championship, train your team...


639 Dragon's Kingdom, an Online Browser Based RPG 0 0

Dragon's Kingdom, an Online Browser Based RPG

a post apocalyptic wasteland infested with base magic and unknown horrors, the many tribes of mankind must put aside their differences and past transgressions to destroy the evil in the world of dragons


640 RootOnline Privat Server 1 0

RootOnline Privat Server

Start with Level 45 -All Quest till LVL 45 done - Full G46 Armor - G48 Weapon -50x EXP rate - 25x Egg EXP rate - Individual droprate -- All fixed and 100% work - CastleWar every saturday - 24/7 Online


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