Links to various multiplayer online games as ranked by players. Many paid and free servers - MMORPG & MPOG

501 Street Mobster 3 0

Street Mobster

StreetMobster is the browser mobster game everyone has been waiting for. If you're tired of looking at text and numbers, streetmobster is the game for you.


503 Perfect 11 Soccer 2 0

Perfect 11 Soccer

Perfect 11 Soccer is a free 3D-online-multiplayer-soccergame.


504 GodFather-Warz.com 2 0


Godfather-Warz the most innovative mafia game ever.


505 The Mob Life 2 0

The Mob Life

Very fun and NEW MMORPG Mafia style game ! We are growing at a rapid pace so join now and get a headstart on all the players. It is FREE and you can win REAL cash jackpot! Join now


506 The Hacker Project 3 0

The Hacker Project

You will play the role of a solo hacker in a tumultuous future when all governments have succumbed. The mega-corporations have taken control. True Light, an underground movement is fighting for the lost freedom. Trust your technolust! Join Now.


508 Outwar-MMORPG 4 0


Registering=Fast , no personal info needed, no e-mail spam.Travel through enormous maps , kill thousands of mobs!Gather up and make crews and then fight against gods with over 60 of ur friends!


509 Outwar.com - Free Online RPG 4 0

Outwar.com - Free Online RPG

Outwar.com is the leading browser based online role playing game. Explore a fully developed world, filled with creatures, quests, and rare items. Level up and learn special skills and new spells to aid you in battle. No downloads or plug-ins required to p


510 Ysabel  play game and have fun 4 0

Ysabel play game and have fun

Play game and have fun - free web-based strategy online game.


514 Never Retreat 2 0

Never Retreat

... And the history of XXI century. The country collapses as an institution. Outlaws emerged. The world has sunk in a shadow and the third is on the doorstep.


515 War2072 3 0


Its the year 2072 and world war has destroyed alot of the world and its you job to help rebuild it


518 Call of Duty Cheats 2 0

Call of Duty Cheats

Private server, free registration, no lag, high rates, visit now!


519 Battlefield Cheats 2 0

Battlefield Cheats

Private server, free registration, no lag, high rates, visit now!


520 Decay if Camelot 3 0

Decay if Camelot

It has been only a short time since our King has fallen. King Arthur, as it seems, was the only thing holding this great kingdom together. Now, less than 50 years later, what was once a beacon for justice has become a thieves den...


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