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61 Resurrection UO 0 0

Resurrection UO

Australian Shard based on the T2A era. PVP PVM and RP welcome. Global Chat System. 700 skill cap 225 stat cap with Pre cast & insta hit. Champion Spawns


62 UO Origins 0 0

UO Origins

The ONLY Pre-T2A Shard! Come join us on UO: Origins and experience what gave Ultima Online it's name in gaming history. Are You With Us?


63 Mandred 0 0


A unique, free UO shard loosely based on the pre-AOS era. While we do have Renaissance features, the only facet we use is Felucca.


65 LeonRo 0 0


Servidor Mexicano lvl 300/150 Rates 2000x 2000x 100% y 70% MVP cards , Buffer, Mercado, MvP room, Gold Room Custom, Pvp Room Custom, Anunciador, Dr Loco, Ranking, Bloody Branch Seller, y mucho mas Unete YA!! Join NOW!!!


66 UO Featherstone 0 0

UO Featherstone

Featherstone is shard geared for adventurers. Player city on Magincia island. Increased skill/stat gains, lower custom housing prices, rare magical/movable treasure chests, evolved town critters, monthly veteran rewards. Heartwood and quests.


67 Shazzy's Shard - UO SE/MA/SA 0 0

Shazzy's Shard - UO SE/MA/SA

ML/SA Custom server. 10+ years.Adventurers dream and Crafters paradise.Custom quests/creatures/crafts/pets.No UBER. 250 Stats/900 Skills[940 w/Vet Rewards]OPEN ACCOUNT CREATION! Tons of unique additions!


68 Buy UO Gold 0 0

Buy UO Gold

Buy UO Gold - Win free Ultima Online Gold. UO Gold - Buy Ultima Online Gold & Items - Free UO Gold - Search UO.


69 Ultima Online Gold 1 0

Ultima Online Gold

Ultima Online Gold and UO Artifacts at Dragongrove


71 Terra Mystica | Ultima Online Freeshard 0 0

Terra Mystica | Ultima Online Freeshard

German Ultima Online Freeshard - good roleplay , friendly staff , excellent scripts and balanced gameplay


72 UnrealUO 0 0


Classic pre-UO:R shard with most of the features of 1999 era Ultima Online accurately recreated.


73 The Darkside Shard (TDS) 0 0

The Darkside Shard (TDS)

The Darkside Shard has been active for 14+ Years.We offer a Custom map and file package.Modern-Style MMORPG.3 Game play styles.New Abyss area within Our World.Runewords socket system.Tons of Unique items and craftables.Check tdsuo.com for more details!!


74 Destiny Reforged 0 0

Destiny Reforged

Destiny Reforged is a custom RunUO shard. We offer the freedom to become the character you want to be, with friendly staff and players, quests, custom items, up to date UO Experience!


75 Insurrection 0 0


custom champs and more come and see for yourself!


77 Age of Virtues 1 0

Age of Virtues

Pro hosted, Friendly playerbase, PvP/PvM, SE, ML Rare and Powerful Mounts/Pets, No Skill Cap, Custom Champs/Quests


78 Howling Moon 0 0

Howling Moon

Friendly staff, new and upgraded crafting systems, evos and much much more.


79 Khaeros 0 0


A fully customised hardcore roleplaying shard, low fantasy, gritty world, a classless feat tree system and fully custom combat system, map and artwork. Come see what UO roleplay can be at its best, with a fair staff and collaborative playerbase.


80 New Jersey Shard 0 0

New Jersey Shard

Great family shard. PVP'ers welcome, merchants, solo players.


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