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61 Buy UO Gold 3 0

Buy UO Gold

Buy UO Gold - Win free Ultima Online Gold. UO Gold - Buy Ultima Online Gold & Items - Free UO Gold - Search UO.


62 Ultima Online Gold 5 0

Ultima Online Gold

Ultima Online Gold and UO Artifacts at Dragongrove


63 Dark Prophecy Last Chapter 1 0

Dark Prophecy Last Chapter

Serveur Role-Play, Français et Québecois, Tournant sous RunUo avec une équipe à l'écoute des joueurs. Le tout comprenant 5 races et un système de classe unique. Suite officielle de Dark Prophecy ouvert en mai 2002. Nouveaux Joueurs, Bienvenus!


64 Terra Mystica | Ultima Online Freeshard 4 0

Terra Mystica | Ultima Online Freeshard

German Ultima Online Freeshard - good roleplay , friendly staff , excellent scripts and balanced gameplay


65 UnrealUO 2 0


Classic pre-UO:R shard with most of the features of 1999 era Ultima Online accurately recreated.


66 The Darkside Shard (TDS) 5 0

The Darkside Shard (TDS)

The Darkside Shard has been active for 14+ Years.We offer a Custom map and file package.Modern-Style MMORPG.3 Game play styles.New Abyss area within Our World.Runewords socket system.Tons of Unique items and craftables.Check tdsuo.com for more details!!


67 Destiny Reforged 1 0

Destiny Reforged

Destiny Reforged is a custom RunUO shard. We offer the freedom to become the character you want to be, with friendly staff and players, quests, custom items, up to date UO Experience!


68 Insurrection 2 0


custom champs and more come and see for yourself!


69 Uo Quebec - Shard Entièrement Francais! 2 0

Uo Quebec - Shard Entièrement Francais!

Shard ultima online Francophone/quebecois, pvp et pvm, pk. Très complet dans un univers fantastique.


70 Age of Virtues 2 0

Age of Virtues

Pro hosted, Friendly playerbase, PvP/PvM, SE, ML Rare and Powerful Mounts/Pets, No Skill Cap, Custom Champs/Quests


71 Howling Moon 3 0

Howling Moon

Friendly staff, new and upgraded crafting systems, evos and much much more.


72 Khaeros 3 0


A fully customised hardcore roleplaying shard, low fantasy, gritty world, a classless feat tree system and fully custom combat system, map and artwork. Come see what UO roleplay can be at its best, with a fair staff and collaborative playerbase.


73 New Jersey Shard 1 0

New Jersey Shard

Great family shard. PVP'ers welcome, merchants, solo players.


74 Immortal Myths UO Freeshard! 2 0

Immortal Myths UO Freeshard!

~Adult Only RP & PVP~ Customs GALORE! A crafters paradise a questers dream! Custom wearables, deco and quest like you never seen before!! 2 Chars 3 houses per account. See our Website for more info!! 3 years old.


75 Zuluhotel World 2 0

Zuluhotel World

* There are 6 levels to a class. Each level requires a certain amount of points distributed over the class skills. As well as having the correct number of points, you must also have a certain % of your skills in that class group.


76 Ultima Online - The Second Age 6 0

Ultima Online - The Second Age

We have reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a shard with players and staff that are unmatched in their dedication to the purity of the T2A era. 400+ online.


77 Arcade Games 2 0

Arcade Games

The newest site where you can play many interesting free online games.


78 Online Craps 2 0

Online Craps

There’s Craps, and then there’s Online Craps. Why settle for less than the best? CasinoMaze.com is your one-stop solution to the finest Craps action online.


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