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41 UO Free Server 1 0

UO Free Server

UO Free Server is by far the greatest free to play UO server out there! You will find an active, growing, and friendly community of players!


42 End Times 3 0

End Times

End Times UO. A blending of all that was good and not carebear in UOR, with the new creatures and lands long absent from UOR shards. Running client


43 PvP TROY Sphere Shard 4 0

PvP TROY Sphere Shard

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44 Forgotten Lands : PvP/PvM : Craft : Free 1 0

Forgotten Lands : PvP/PvM : Craft : Free

51a spherestyle PvP/PvM (RunUO emu), pre AOS, Full Felucca rules, Advanced Craft, No skillcap, smart staff.


45 EnigmaUO: First Dawn 3 0

EnigmaUO: First Dawn

The first & only 1996 pre-alpha shard. Come experience the ultimate retro era of Ultima Online. This opportunity is now available for the first time since 1996. We provide our very own launcher & client, joining couldnt be more simple.


46 UOExtreme Version 2 2 0

UOExtreme Version 2

we are on a dual core server 2.2 ghz. 4 gigs of ram. 100 mbit connectionCustom Artifacts in Felucca.Fast skill gain/Stat Gains.Altered Bod System.Custom Crafting Items.Custom Creatures.Custom Bosses720 Skill Cap After 120 Days.Reds Are Aloud In Trammel4 A


47 Sands Of Time UO Shard 2 0

Sands Of Time UO Shard

Custom quests, housing, yards with custom yard items. Many many unique items, many many quests, single player or group play works well. Friendly staff. Unique dungeons. Training rooms to be added to your yard to train your pets. Custom taming. the U


49 Nevada UO 1 0

Nevada UO

51a sphere: Old School PvP, Evolving PvM system, new craft system, no skills cap. Welcome to NevadaUO.


50 NevadaUO 1 0


51a sphere: Old School PvP, Evolving PvM system, new craft system, no skills cap. Welcome to NevadaUO.


51 Eclipse 1 0


Eclipse brings you a greatly fun experience in Ultima Online, on an unmatched DEDICATED server with a true 1GB/sec uplink connection. Join our largely growing community today


52 Valhallalost 4 0


ValhallaLost in 8th year Family friendly shard. Dedicated staff Duel/PK areas Huge Custom map with 100s of unique npcs Join today


53 UOGamers: Hybrid 2 0

UOGamers: Hybrid

UOGamers: Hybrid is the standard for Ultima Online free shards. With an average playerbase online of 1000 users we are the largest free shard out there. We are backed by The RunUO Team


54 Burstfire UO Shard 3 0

Burstfire UO Shard

Experience the amazing world of Burstfire UO. Formerly MPZ UO, 10 years of experience and development. Offering unique pre-UO:R spell casting, custom combat system, T2A gameplay, and a long-standing large community! The Uk\\\'s 1:st Sphere Server.


55 Shard Atlantis 2 0

Shard Atlantis

* Running on top hardware and fast connection. * No Trammel * Factions * Fast skill/stat gain


56 Knights of The Round Table 3 0

Knights of The Round Table

We are using the newest svn with ml. We have townhouse yards, custom quests and pets. One account per ip, three houses pet account. We are an English speaking shard.


57 Ethereal Realms Ultima Online Free Shard 1 0

Ethereal Realms Ultima Online Free Shard

Custom Shard with Massive Monsters, Fun Players, Skill Bonus Clothing, Spellcrafting, Monster Hunters, Auctions, Vendor Mall PaintBall Events, No total Skill cap, Champ Spawns, Crafting, and more!


58 EUO 4 0


MMORPG based off of Ultima series


59 UO Roleplay 2 0

UO Roleplay

Friendly players & professional staff. PvP, PvM, and RP, Dedicated Server, Quests. Custom World, Crafting, Maps, Monsters, Items! A world like none other! Join us!!!


60 LegacyUO 3 0


Osi ML Clone. We just removed the things that ruined osi and keept all the good parts. So no insurance, no ethereal mounts, no multiple faccets or trammel rules, while adding all dungeons from all faccets.


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