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23 Tartara Ultima Online Freeshard 0 0

Tartara Ultima Online Freeshard

Tartara is a German Ultima Online Free Shard exists since 2009 and is constantly evolving. We value fair cooperation, fun and sustainability in the development of the game environment. You are welcome to contribute ideas that ensures attention is given in


24 UO Rebellion 0 0

UO Rebellion

Greetings fellow adventurers! UO: Rebellion is a new and upcoming shard loaded with feature rich custom content and staffed by a very professional and courteous staff that have been involved with Ultima Online since the very beginning!


25 Realms of Ultima Online 0 0

Realms of Ultima Online

Free Russian server with a long and stable history


26 The Shadows Keep 1 0

The Shadows Keep

The Playground is a custom server with something for everyone!!! The playground was built for players by players. We strive to make the playground the total package for our players. We as staff are constantly coming up with new mobs, new events and so muc


27 Ultima T2A 0 0

Ultima T2A

Ultima T2A "Experience the Original" 1997 Era, original OSI style gaming experience, 100% uptime, very stable core, Dedicated server, adult Staff, Life is hard, PVP is pure, Nothing is free! To be the best, you must earn it...


28 Khaeros: The Fourth Age 0 0

Khaeros: The Fourth Age

Khaeros is one of the longest running hardcore roleplaying shards. We have unique systems, maps, lore, and a great community. If you thought roleplaying in UO had disappeared, prepare to be proven wrong!


29 Britain Lords 0 0

Britain Lords

Britain Lords is a Open Beta Freeshard Focusing on Roleplaying.Reds in City/Killable Guards/1000 point Skillcap/250 stat cap./Houseyarding/Charakter Bountyhunter Adventure,No Races but Human. Come check us out,you are more then welcome


30 uoevolution banner 0 0

UO Evolution [Dedicated Server]

[ML/SE/SA/UW] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 2 years! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Townhouses, Animal Breeding, Bioengineering, Evo Drago


31 World of Dread - UO Server 0 0

World of Dread - UO Server

World of Dread is the UO Server of your dreams. Kind and helpful Staff. 12 different races, a great and truly balanced no-skill cap and no-statcap. Try it and you will fall in love.


32 Old School UO [Dedicated Server] 0 0

Old School UO [Dedicated Server]

Sphere Server 056b, 12 years experience in Ultima Online, Mature administrators, PVP and tons of fun Custom scripts and houses , You can live in any part of the world also in Graveyards Join now Server 8GB Ram OCZ 100GB Lan Auto Account


33 Akara Essex Ultima Online Free Shard 2 0

Akara Essex Ultima Online Free Shard

Akara Essex Running for over 9 Years!Level System Map and Leveling Characters monsters weapons armour! Monsters become a spirit when they die. Custom commands cleanup - charinfo - wepstats - armstats Voted BEST LVL System!


35 UO Free Shard 0 0

UO Free Shard

Looking for an Ultima Online shard to call home? Look no further, because you have found it! At UO Free Shard we welcome everyone!


36 UO Free Server 0 0

UO Free Server

UO Free Server is by far the greatest free to play UO server out there! You will find an active, growing, and friendly community of players!


37 End Times 0 0

End Times

End Times UO. A blending of all that was good and not carebear in UOR, with the new creatures and lands long absent from UOR shards. Running client


38 PvP TROY Sphere Shard 1 0

PvP TROY Sphere Shard

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39 Forgotten Lands : PvP/PvM : Craft : Free 0 0

Forgotten Lands : PvP/PvM : Craft : Free

51a spherestyle PvP/PvM (RunUO emu), pre AOS, Full Felucca rules, Advanced Craft, No skillcap, smart staff.


40 EnigmaUO: First Dawn 0 0

EnigmaUO: First Dawn

The first & only 1996 pre-alpha shard. Come experience the ultimate retro era of Ultima Online. This opportunity is now available for the first time since 1996. We provide our very own launcher & client, joining couldnt be more simple.


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