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61 Lineage 2 Scarlet 20 7

Lineage 2 Scarlet

Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya private server - Your Best Lineage 2 Experience | Lineage 2 Freya server 15x


62 Mu Fury - Season 4 5 7

Mu Fury - Season 4

Bugless Season 4 Exp 4000, Drop 80%, Unique features, WebShop, Market, Vote Reward, Custom stuff


63 Movoda 1 6


FREE online RPG with Over 10 skills to train and player owned house and TONS MORE!


64 WarDrome Free Browser Game 2 5

WarDrome Free Browser Game

WarDrome is a free sci-fi browser based game which combines the spirit of both MMORPGs and MUDs. It essentially falls into multiple genres at the same time. It is a strategic management browser based game with plenty of role-playing element.


65 MafiaMatrix 6 5


Rise above the law, or become the law! Become Gangster, Cop or even a Judge and rise to the highest rank in a number of careers in your search for ultimate power and control over crime and corruption.


66 Samurai of Legend 1 5

Samurai of Legend

Train to hone your body and skill! Protect your allies! Crush your enemies! Honor the tradition and the Bushido! Are you the one? Are you the Legend?


67 Play For Knowledge : Free Online Games 2 3

Play For Knowledge : Free Online Games

Free online games for education, knowledge and science. Play game and increase knowledge level. Education games. Online lessons. Lore gaming. Explore science playing games. Interesting learning methods.


68 Tierras del Sur Season 3 3 2

Tierras del Sur Season 3

Tierras del Sur Mu Season 3 el mejor servidor!! entra y comprobalo!! exp 300 drop 60. Esta genial el server!! que esperas para entrar?


69 HellMu 1 2


Version: Season 6 Episode 3 +Exp: x6500 +Drop: 90% +MaxLevel: 400 +Max Statl: 65450 +Points per lvl: 5/7 +Webshop/CashShop/Reset: Enabled +Rebuilded PvP Balance 99%! +Castle Siege: Enabled +Muum Pets: Enabled +Custom Items: Enabled


70 Carnal Cove 3 2

Carnal Cove

Join us at Carnal Cove located in the Red Light District! In this sin-filled district, seduction is the best weapon you have. Are you submissive or dominant? Are you well-seasoned in the art of seduction or are you a virgin?


71 L2 DarkNick 0 2

L2 DarkNick

lineage2, Interlude, DarkNick, L2Darknick, TopServer, L2 Darknick Interlude, darknick


73 LMS  Perfect World 3 2

LMS Perfect World

1.4.7 PvP and PvE Servers with latest content High rates, customized and 1.3.6 PvP Server with latest and lots of custom content, no downtimes! Start with great gears. Stable work since 2008, One of the oldest and stable PW server, Great community, Profes


74 Syrnia - Free rpg 6 2

Syrnia - Free rpg

FREE online MMORP/RPG game.Will stay free forever and updated frequently.Tons of items, monsters, skills, and a huge worldmap.


75 Legends of Sosaria 3 1

Legends of Sosaria

Freshly Re-Opened! There's not enough room to list what we have to offer. Why not visit our site and see what we have to offer. Download the Custom Client and play for free.


76 ⭐ EliteMU [Unique 3 Worlds] 1000+ Online 1 1

⭐ EliteMU [Unique 3 Worlds] 1000+ Online

EliteMU Online - we are Big and Popular Private Server with 3 different Servers Unique with our Hard Economy system, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting and well-considered Gameplay and Good Configurated server [In MU We Trust] - Join Us


77 Sigena - German Ultima Online Freeshard 4 1

Sigena - German Ultima Online Freeshard

UO-Sigena hat seit 2003 vieles selber entwickelt, sei es die Map, die Monster KI, Klassen wie Hexer, Kleriker oder 4 Magierklassen. Jede Klasse hat ihre eigenen Specials, die das Spielen auf Sigena nicht langweilig machen und noch vieles mehr.


78 Titans of Time 4 1

Titans of Time

A fully interactive 2D (Semi text based) MMORPG where you take control of an ancient champion set forth on a path of glory and conquest. Defeat countless enemies and explore vast zones and mysterious temples. Take control of your destiny and become a Tita


79 MafiaCrime 2 1


A free fun web based Mafia Crime game. As a Mobster your aim is to work your way to the top, whether by yourself or with the help of your gang. Attack and mug people to gain more money and respect, gamble, deal in weapons and armour. Be a true mobster!


80 Lethal-Gangsters 8 0


lethal-gangsters.co.uk is a massive, online, multiplayer text based game. The game is about money, status and mainly respect. Become the best by doing crimes, stealing cars, busting your friends from jail and killing your enimies. Get


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