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1 Criminal FLyff v2 13 0

Criminal FLyff v2

SERVER INFO Mid - High rate EXP Rate x9999 Drop Rate x9999 PENYA rate x9999


2 Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt Ltd. 3 0

Technocrats Horizons Compusoft Pvt Ltd.

Technocrats Horizons, help you render an insightful and brief analysis of your business idea, product, audience, and budget to create a customized eCommerce solution that best-match your business requirement and help you stand apart from the market crowd.


3 Avalon Flyff 6 0

Avalon Flyff

Server Rates Exp Rate: 200x Penya Rate: 200x Drop Rate: 200x Max Level: 300 Features Revamped v17/v18/v19 Custom Maps Mid Rate server Revamped User Interface Custom Scrolls Mini games Lottery Enabled


5 Lightning Grave - Low Rate 3 0

Lightning Grave - Low Rate

[International] [LOW RATE] [Exp25x Drop25x Penya25x][Guild Buff System][Display Pickup System][Swing Color System][Online Events][New currencies][Modelchange][Custom Farm World][Own Hotkeys][Char Option] [GM Events] [Glow Panel][Model Change][New Content]


6 Flyff Online Private Server 2 0

Flyff Online Private Server

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7 *NEW*luminaflyff v18 [GW/Balance Server] 7 0

*NEW*luminaflyff v18 [GW/Balance Server]

[Mid Rate Server] [/Awake Command][EXP:1000 DROP:1000 PENYA:2000] [Level Cap:170][Model Change] [Stable Server-99% Uptime!!] [Cheap Donations] [Quick Job Change] [Huntable Donate Items] [Balanced PvP] [Glow Change] [Fashion Combined] [Teleport System] [It


8 server private flyff 2 0

server private flyff

Flyff Online private servers - Flyff related sites, top 100 Fly ff free servers, guide, forums


9 Shining Nation 2 0

Shining Nation

??????? ????????? ?????? FlyFF. ????????? ?????????. ???????????????? ???-?????, ????????????? ???????????, ??????? ?? ?????? ? ?? ???????. ??????, ?? ???????????!


11 Wicked Flyff 4 0

Wicked Flyff

Exp 50x |Drop 30x | Penya 100x | Custom Items | 24/7 Dedicated Server | No Lag| Daily Events | Active Dev Team


13 Epic-Flyff 5 0


Neuer P-server mit den Rates exp:300 drop: 300 penya: 300Mit v15 und vielem mehr cs und so Viel Spa


14 Fly For Life [ V13 ] 7 0

Fly For Life [ V13 ]

Fly For Life is now V13 LORD SYSTEM,FORSAKEN TOWER+SECRET ROOM,CORAL ISLANDS,All v13 items 100 working..A customized map called FALLEN AZRIA,Custom stuff for donaters All CS Fashions are in NPC039s.45-105 Greens sold in NPC039s .NO HAMACHI.600x


15 HellFlyFF 8 0


Welcome to HellFlyFF we are currently looking for staff anyone with Experiecnce with FlyFF would be welcome039d instantly.Current Rates: 700x perm rates TBAMoney rates: 5000


16 Fly for Fantasia 5 0

Fly for Fantasia

Fly for Fantasia is a private server and is now in beta testing Fast lvling, Kind and active gms, Hamachi source, 99 Online, Come and join this growing community Are Rates are 500x EXP,500x drops, for those that wish that would like to know.


17 Dream For Fun 2 0

Dream For Fun

Rate: 125xExp 100xDrops.All green weapons Lv 15-105, All green sets 15-105,CS seller,24/7,less Lag,Scrolls,Pets,GM,Needs,New players get 1Billion Penya And many more things


18 Ghost Flyff 4 0

Ghost Flyff

friendly GM/Admin High Rate Server exp :2000 Drop :2000 Fly exp :2000 level 1 to 60 item in npc +10 u need hamachi To connect so Join us And Enjoy...


19 ForceFlyff New Server 2 0

ForceFlyff New Server

[Version 15][x3 EXP Raining][EXP: 1000 DROP: 500 PENYA:2500][No lags][100 Guaranteed for player needs][2x Guild Siege Wed/Sat][High Awakes Rate][Buff Pang on Siege Room][Pet Leveling in HighRate][Wings, Buterflywings in NPC/Scrolls for upgrading][CS Set


20 Fly For Kristina 5 0

Fly For Kristina

Flyff Private Server V15 [ EXP:600 DROP:500 PENYA:1500 PETEXP:5 ][ Green, CS, Premium Items and More on NPC ][ Dryad, Ancient, Vampire, Lusaka on Shop and Dropable ][Easy Job Change, High Success Rates][ No Donation Required ][Non Hamachi Server, No Lag


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