RF Online

1 RF Online Private Server 14 0

RF Online Private Server

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2 RF Stone 17 0

RF Stone

RF Stone "The biggest games just for you and friens" New Fitur Migrasi Server*Full PVP*Game Guard Full Protect*Max lv 66*GameCP On*Chas Shop On*Full Event* COME & JOIN RF PS INDONESIA.


3 RF Online Episode 225 New 2014! 16 0

RF Online Episode 225 New 2014!

Rf Online New Private Server 2013, High Rate/PvP, Exp300x, Loot150x, Max LVL 90, Mine150x, Ani5000x, Mast250x, New Maps, Custom Items, NPCs, Events, Join us, it's FREE!


4 RFBrasil - TrueHard RPG 12 0

RFBrasil - TrueHard RPG

RF Brasil: Rates: XP: 6x - PT: 6x - DROP: 8x - Sell: 2.1x Sistema de drop dos PB`s reconfigurado, tabela padrão americana. Leilão Ativado Banco ativo E-MAIL ( sms ) Ativado Quest lvl 50 e 56 Habilitadas Sistema de FARM Equips habilitados(Dropa eq


6 rf private servers 10 0

rf private servers

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7 RF Lytod, Fun RF Server Ever 10 0

RF Lytod, Fun RF Server Ever

2.2.4 RF Expansion, Level 80 Cap,3rd New Jobs, New 20 Maps, Super Rate, New Force, New Skills, Premium MAU's Keys, Voting System, Donation Item +5 Weapon and +4 Armor, Donation Item available by Vote Point (Voting GP System), Item Mall on Game, Sell Rate


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