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The Revolution - The New World

The Revolution - Online Mafia Game Launched September 1st, 2018!! Join Today and Use PROMO CODE [NOOBIE], When Registering!!!! Weekly Categories to compete in for awesome prizes! Claim Your Starter Pack and Be On Your Way. Farm Animals, Search The Str

Game just getting started. Owners / Admin more than willing to help, make changes, additions, etc. Eager to build the game up.
A lot of dailies to help earn items to aide you in game play. Awesome set up in Discord with breakdown of issues, suggestions, etc. to keep things organized. Highly recommend giving this game a chance.
(09.09.2018, 76.181.86.--)
Off To A Great Start! Admin Are Very Active and Polite, They are Working Hard and Pushing Updates Daily! Its A Steady Pace To level but thats okay, dont have to get 100s of levels in days and move to the next game, you can do crimes and get Skill points to upgrade Your Ap to do more crimes and then earning achievements for crimes done. Dont forget the competitions going on Right Now...Join While Ya Can!
(04.09.2018, 107.167.116.--)
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